Smartphones are common in society though not everyone uses them the same way. Some users are game lovers while others like to enjoy social media or news or just want to stay in touch with the people they know.

Almost all of these smartphones have many things in common like a portable media player. This small feature significantly changes the way you listen to your favorite music. It also offers streaming services, replacing the USB cable for everyone. Regardless of how you download your favorite music on your smartphone, a pair of headsets is what you need to listen to it the best way.

Since you wouldn’t want to be the one on the go who wants everyone around them to hear their favorite tunes, below is how you can choose the best headset in a particular situation.

1. Over-ear & On-ear Headsets

These sorts of headphones are out of vogue these days though they are usually good for listening to music. Despite being outdated, these bigger headsets keep coming in many new designs. These gadgets are a little larger than a pair of earbuds and offer several advantages, such as long battery life, noise cancellation, and better sound quality with lots of basses. Over-ear and on-ear headsets tend to be a perfect option when traveling or listening to music or watching other media at home. A set of over-ear & on-ear headset may be a little bulkier in size, the benefits it offers worth considering it.

2. Wireless Headsets

If you are looking for a pair of headsets without the tangles of wires, many options are available to choose from. They can offer you good sound quality and awesome active noise cancellation feature. Wireless headsets are the best choice for those who can afford to pay a little extra and want to be happy with their music and other media.

3. USB-C Headsets

These gadgets have the same audio detailing, such as 3.5mm analog jack and digital audio support. The best part is that you do not need to spend lots of money to get a good pair of USB-C earbuds.

4. Earbuds

These gadgets look awesome in design though they do not offer the best sound quality. With such a significant shortcoming, earbuds may not be the right option for every mobile phone user. Earbuds come in different designs, such as wired and wireless headsets, and are easily available at great buying prices.

Unlike over and on-ear headset, these gadgets earbuds let you enjoy a cord-free experience. Wired earbuds come in different versions and have interesting features like a more modern USB-C and a 3.5mm audio jack. Some wireless models may have a wire between the buds while others are completely cordless with each bud connecting with Bluetooth.

No matter what design or style you choose, wireless headsets offer one huge benefit over other types of headsets available in the market and that is extreme portability. While you can carry a pair of large-size headphones on the go, a set of earbuds with good sound quality and the budget-friendly cost is a more convenient option.

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Shiraz Kahn