Whether you’re dashing around a doctor’s office or hospital, moments sitting down are likely few and far between, making proper footwear a must. Use these tips to help determine what shape your foot is, and therefore the best nursing shoes for work (as well as play). Proper footwear for your unique foot shape is the best way to keep on-the-job foot injuries, fatigue, and reoccurring pain at bay. These shoes should primarily focus on providing cushioning under the ball of the foot, which is crucial for all walking shoes. They should also be slip resistant and easy to clean (the less tricky stains to deal with after a long day—the better!) Lastly, have some fun! There are tons of color, texture, and print options to be functional as well as match your favorite uniforms. Here are the three basic foot shapes:
1. Pronators: Footprint is wide and straight, very low arch, flat foot
• Look for: motion control
• Choose shoes that will add lift to your arch to help keep your ankle straight when walking
• Try Nurse Mates® Bryar Shoe which helps create comfort and structure with flexible goring and a Pillowtop™ comfort foodbed

2. Supinators: Footprint is very narrow, curved with a very high arch
• Look for: stability
• “Mary Jane” nursing shoes with adjustable hook and loop closure and Pillowtop™ comfort footbed
• Opt for flat bottom shoes like buckle closure clogs to maximize contact with the floor for increased stability
• Both of these options have reinforced heels and a form of stability straps to optimize steadiness—and fashionable as both types of straps are uber trendy!

3. Neutral: Foot is in-between a flat foot and a high arch
• Look for: curved shape for the best fit
• Even though you have more diverse footwear options, don’t fall into the trap that this means you can get by with shoes that are too basic and lacking in proper support!

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