Choosing the right man for you. A lot of people I know are desperate to find a man and settle down with him and they all have different reasons for it. The right man for you will fit into your lifestyle, love you for who you are and
be able to provide those things you are seeking. Those who do not find one are usually not being realistic about what to expect or wanting something where the guy gives a lot, they take a lot and they give nothing or little in return.

Take as an example a lady of 65 who is poor, who has no job or income and is strugglng with every penny, who has no bubbly personality or looks and the only reason she wants a new partner is to take her to hospital, put shelves up, mow the lawn and pay the bills. In return she offers to chat to him and watch television with him and iron some of his clothing. But not only does she want all of this she also wants this guy to be much younger than her, very rich and very good looking.

Yes there are younger guys who would be quite happy to be with a woman of 65 but not one who is only wanting them to do odd jobs around the house or be an unpaid taxi service and the guys who want a much older woman are thinking about passion and want one who dresses well and is attractive and sexy.

To choose the right partner for you you need to think carefully about what it is you want most of all. Is it sex and passion or friendship or stability and security? Then think about whether you want a long term relationship or something which is much more day by day and do you want it to be full time or part time? It is also a good idea to work out before hand if yo are seeking someone to just date, to move in with or to marry rather than letting things just drift or meeting people who have different goals.

You can find lots of potential partners and lovers online on free dating sites and also on the paid for ones. If you want to be extremely fussy you can go to the matchmakers who sort out your partners for you by vetting their details and only introducing you to those who fit what you seek. If you go out to work and go to lots of clubs then you will probably be able to find someone locally without bothering to look online.

Make sure that the person is compatible with you. If you love travelling and going out all of the time there is no point in getting together with a home body who wants to sit listening to music all of the time and does not like company much. If you are hard working and work long hours you will not get on with someone who is lazy.

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