WordPress and Blogger are always a major topic of comparison because they are the most popular blogging platforms for bloggers. They have their pros and cons, and you deserve to know these especially if you are new to blogging. You need to be guided to know what they comprise of and how they operate so you can make a well-informed decision and go with the one that suit you most. The reason for blogging would often influence the type of blogging platform to go for. This article will educate you on what the two blogging platforms can offer, and you can get the best out of your choice you will make.

What are WordPress and Blogger Platforms?

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that can be used to create a blog and be used to set up and manage your website from your device. The fact that WordPress is open sourced means that it is updated and improved by so many people, and automatically gives users tons of free plugins, themes, widget, etc. to work with. It allows blog sites to be published on various other hosting services. Blogger, on the other hand, stands for web logger which is a free platform owned and operated by Google. Here, a Google domain mainly hosts the blog, blogspot.com. Note that the two blogging platforms, WordPress, and Blogger, are free.

The following subheadings would compare the two blogging platforms.

1. Flexibility

Blogger comes with insufficient tools and plugins so there is a limit to how far or how well your blog can be customized. WordPress gives you a world of your own. This is because since it’s an open source software, you will have tons of tools to choose from. So, it will be more flexible to customize your blog creatively and beautifully without many restrictions. You can also enhance the changes to the appearance of your blog site if you want. However, this comes at a little price.

2. Technicality

For a newbie to the blogging setup environment, WordPress might be a bit technical and difficult to understand at the initial period compared to Blogger. Though WordPress has lots of tutorial videos and tips to help new users, it might also be necessary to get an expert opinion and from someone who knows a lot about WordPress development. Blogger, on the other hand, is less technical and can be created by anyone within minutes. It is also easy to operate. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use this platform.

3. Ownership

WordPress is an open source software that allows you to host your blog on WordPress hosting provider. This gives you total control over your blog. You can decide how long it is going to stay and how you want it to be. This is unlike Blogger, where your blog is controlled and owned by Google since the blog is being hosted on its domain. This gives Google the legal right to close the blog anytime without your consent. To cut it short, you own your WordPress blog, while Google owns your blogspot.

4. Security

Google has a reputation for being a secured platform which automatically gives your blog a resounding security backup for your server and data. WordPress, on the other hand, might not have Google as a backup but has lots of plugins that keep your blog secure even as a self-hosting blog.

5. Inter-platform Movement

If you want a platform that offers a hitch-free inter-platform movement of your site, WordPress is what you should go for. This is because your site would still retain its SEO ranking, its subscribers as well as followers. Blogger is not too reliable in that area as it still retains your data for a period even after moving the content.

6. Blog Appearance and Interface Customization

WordPress comes to new users with thousands of free and paid high-quality themes to choose from. There is a theme for any website you can think of which you can further tweak and customize to suit you. You can create your layout with any modification you want. Blogger, on the other hand, comes with limited themes and template with different colors you can change. The layout can be modified to an extent with the inbuilt tools. Unfortunately, you cannot have yourown layout and customization. Though there are some templates created by some Blogger users, they are mostly of low quality when they are compared to the ones available on WordPress.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The fact that Blogger is a Google product does not mean it gives more SEO advantages. SEO rating is mainly based on how you build your site for search engines. To be precise, Blogger SEO rating is limited compared to WordPress. WordPress has lots of amazing plugins that improve SEO optimization which is absent in Blogger. These plugins make your blog more SEO friendly thereby improving the rating. As Blogger is in a rigid control by Google, it lacks a lot of search engine optimization.

8. Help and Support

WordPress is the best when it comes to help and support. There are chat rooms, forums, communities, tutorial videos and so much more which have a common aim to offer adequate help and support to its users. Also, experts at WordPress development and various WordPress development companies are available for any technical issue you might experience. Blogger only has some basic documentation and a limited number of forums for its users. Therefore, there is no much help and support available for its users.

9. Profitability

Your reason for creating a blog is a factor that should not be disregarded. Blogger should not be used for a long time if the purpose for blogging is profit-oriented. But if you just have a passion for writing without any concentration on money, then you can stick with Blogger. Limited functionality and SEO benefit in Blogger does not make it an ideal platform for money making. It boils down to what the site will be used for.

From the above comparison, it can be deduced that WordPress blogging platform offers much more than expected. When it comes to flexibility, durability, profitability, and security, WordPress is nothing but the best. Also, the easy inter-platform movement it offers, the beautiful and easy blog appearance customization cannot be overemphasized. Remember, it is the only blogging platform that is open source with numerous plugins, tools, and themes. The service of a WordPress development company can be employed to make the most or get the best out of the intended website project.

So, when the combination of professionalism, creativity, and profitability is required from a blog, WordPress is the best option. When blogging is just done for fun, then Blogger is the ideal platform.

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Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile application development company based in USA & India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column.