Have you ever thought of life in a simpler form where you could just switch to your headphones and take your stress away? Binaural beat recordings are the answer. They are tailor-made for people with problems such as sleepless nights, obesity, low sex drive and more. Binaural beat downloads are in two forms – MP3 or CD. The MP3 file being easier to download and use is more convenient.

You can purchase it online without any hassles and can listen to it right away just after purchasing it. Binaural beat downloads help in a great way to solve issues in life which do not have an easy way out. The MP3 file is not too large and the quality too is impeccable. You can easily queue it on your iPod playlist and listen to it anytime you want. There are many websites which offer binaural beat recordings in a reasonable price. One of them is the Unexplainable store or even noise addicts or sleepphones.com.

There are many products in the market which can help you a great deal in managing and controlling your emotions effectively. When you visit websites like Unexplainable store, you will see a variety of recordings aiming to make you reach the state of mind you desire. There are 3 types of beats in all – Monaural, Binaural and Isochronic beats which help a great deal as they have a scientific touch to it.

You can easily download free samples or buy the recordings in a reasonable price. Since there are many recordings – but we will discuss about the best ones which actually take you to a different world.

Lucid Dreaming: known as the most popular and effective beat recording, it aims at controlling your dreams. It is more like fantasizing and having things around you according to your own will. Since we humans love sleeping – nobody likes nightmares or bad dreams. So, why not sleep and see things which we want to see – like a treasure isl and and you enjoying all of it. Or marrying a princess or even meeting god! It is like driving your own car and reaching any place you want in your dreams. With Lucid Dreaming you can achieve everything you ever wanted.

Love-Making: some people may be too experienced in terms of love making. But what about others who are having issues with their sex life? Everybody wants to have a healthy sexual relationship and so binaural beats can help a great deal in doing so. Love-making is not too complicated if we do it with more love but we need a spark to fulfil it and so binaural beats help in improving your sex life by the passionate, deep and intimate music played.

Fountain of Youth: it is true that nobody likes to get old. If we had it our way, we would stay young forever. But then, binaural beats can help you achieve just that! With a combination of Delta and Theta, this recording can help you age gracefully without feeling lethargic and weak. < br />So, get your binaural beat downloads now and attain nirvana. Way to relaxation is just a beat away!

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