There's no denying that it's always exciting to select new tiles for your kitchen or bathroom renovations. However, your excitement can quickly turn into something stressful when you'll have too many options before you to choose from. This is because your choice will have a direct impact on how your home interiors will look & feel.

But, the major mistake that most homeowners tend to make is to totally ignore the colour of the grout that they're selecting along with their tiles. The colour of the grout is as essential as the tile itself because, without proper grout colour, the overall aesthetics of your tiles will not be prominent. Thus, to assist you in selecting the best grout colour for your tiles, we are recommending some easy to follow tips & tricks.

Methods To Select The Proper Grout Colour For Your Tiles

Using White Coloured Tiles With White Grout

Professional tiling in Auckland services points out that when you combine white grout with white-coloured tiles, the gaps in-between the tiles will easily go away. As a result, your entire surface area will blend in together as one large platform, offering a uniform aesthetic. The all-white surface will not draw any attention from your guests or visitors because it'll have a seamless look.

Such an option is great especially for those homeowners who don’t want their tile renovations to stand out inside their interior space. You can use this method for both traditional as well as modern spaces. Moreover, when you use this procedure inside small-sized spaces, you can effectively make the surface look larger than what it actually is.

However, there's one bad news to such a setup and that includes the overall maintenance program. White tiles with white grout must be maintained well at all times to avoid staining.

Using White Coloured Tiles With Dark Grout

If you want your tiles to be the centre of attention within your interior space, then you can proceed to utilise dark grout with white coloured tiles. The unique patterns on the tiles will tend to create a bolder look and will make the tiles much more pronounced than ever before.

Even if you’re using a white tile with simple patterns, using dark grout will add an overall striking contrast within your space, making the tile pop out more than you can imagine. Generally, expect black and white to be the dominant hues and if you’re perfectly fine with the same, you can proceed with such a design.

We sincerely hope that our in-depth guide has been major assistance towards your grout colour selection process and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us today.

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