It's easy to say that weddings today are a big deal. Couples shell out thousands of dollars on one day of activities to celebrate their union with their friends and families. While the biggest expense of the day will most likely be the reception and catering, it is important not to forget about wedding attire and accessories. The bride, after all, is the centerpiece of the entire wedding itself. Everyone wonders what dress the bride will choose, and what style and theme the wedding will take on.

As important as the wedding dress is to the bride's attire, one factor that we should not overlook is choosing the right wedding shoes. As beautiful, fun, and romantic as your wedding day will be, it is important for the bride to remember that she will be on her feet most of the day. With this in mind, choosing the right wedding heels can take a lot of thought and preparation.

When you start shopping for the perfect pair of wedding heels, go towards the end of the day, preferably when the weather is warm. As the day progresses, your feet tend to swell up, and this can increase considerably in warmer weather. By going shopping at the end of the day, you will ensure that your wedding heels will still maintain a good fit after they have slightly swelled from standing on them all day long. Another good note to remember when picking out your wedding shoes is to take along the pantyhose or stockings that you will be wearing on the day of your wedding. Shoes can fit, and feel, differently if you accompany them with tights or stockings.

The style of the wedding heels you pick should reflect the style and formality of your wedding dress. Many brides have even chosen to go with heels that match their wedding color palate and steer away from the traditional white or ivory heels. Turning your shoes into the "feature" of your attire is a relatively new idea, but it is one that is becoming more widely accepted. Bridal boutiques are privy to this and are making their bridal shoe collection reflect this new trend.

The most important factor when it comes to picking out wedding heels is to remember to pick shoes that are going to be comfortable. Choosing a shoe with a smaller heel, or at least the platform style heel, will give the bride a slight increase in height, but still maintain enough support to be more comfortable than stilettos. If necessary, buy heel inserts to help to increase the comfort of the heels. Last but not least, make sure that you absolutely love your wedding heels. Believe it or not, they will be photographed a lot, even with a long dress.

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