This is the ultimate guide for choosing the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Seriously, we at INTIKI have watched strangers put together, purchased home decor gifts online from our store, and we have learned a thing or two about what makes a great gift.

1- Give Problem-Solvers

The biggest mistake we make while buying gifts for others is thinking that giving more stuff makes people happy. But that’s not true.
Happiness comes from removing negatives. So while picking gifts, find a problem in your recipient’s life and solve it with generosity.

2- Give Gifts that Keep On Giving

It’s thought that counts but for gifts that keep counting up, seeks sentimentality. Studies show that people value a useful item more such as decorative things for the living room, serveware dishes, and more because the novelty wears off but sentimentality doesn’t. If you are buying an experience like a cooking class or a weekend away, make a photo album of it or make a rap video.

3- Give Practical Plants, Not Flashy Flowers

We tend to be selfish while choosing a gift. We want the glory of being great gift-givers, so we buy presents like flashy flowers. The problem is the flash fades away and the recipient has to deal with what’s left.
Be selfless, have a better strategy for how to pick gifts, and buy practical presents that last such as plants. These gifts outweigh the one-time hit of a flashy gift.

4- Don’t Be So Thoughtful

With gifts, we want to show off how well we know someone. But the recipient only knows the recipient better than you.
So when they tell you what they want, don’t try to outsmart them. Give them what they want!
According to a study, gift recipients say the most thoughtful gifts are the ones they asked for.

5- Do This When They Say, “I Have Everything”

When someone says, I have everything I need; I just want to have you with me on my birthday.”
Do not misinterpret that as, “You have to be extra generous with my gift to show me how much you love me.” It’s not. If you want to be extra generous, give the person more of what they asked for: YOU. Time is more valuable than money.
If you want to spend money, too, plan quality time together over a nice dinner or a trip, or buy tickets to visit each other.

6- Put The “Present” In The Presentation

Even if what you are giving is not particularly thoughtful, you can make it extra special with how you give it.
A special presentation elicits emotion and forms memories that attach to the gift to give it extra value so buy gift boxes online.

7- Always Buy The Best

If you want to buy someone a physical item, make sure it’s best in class. If you can’t afford the best, pool funds with other gift-givers and choose the best place to buy dinnerware online.
Or think smaller as recipients will get more long-term value out of an exceptional small gift than a big one.

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