Dear Bride and Groom/People in Love,

Your wedding day is near and choosing the worst photographer is a nightmare!

It is your wedding day and YOU deserve the best of everything. Whether it is the caterer, florist, wedding outfit or the photographer, everything needs to be flawless just like your bond with the partner.

Here is a quick post that talks about choosing the best wedding photographer. Well, you will find many articles like these on the internet, but we will tell you about the mistakes that you should be avoiding. We will not tell you what you should NOT be doing because the focus is on things you ought to do.

Let's get started!

Is the budget an issue?

If the budget is an issue, you must be extremely selective. Doing your homework is necessary, especially when you have a tight budget. Life is too short to live with regrets!

Majority of the couples opt for a photographer with the best ratings. Now the trouble is when you type 'Styckie - wedding photographers near me', you will see ratings of different wedding photographers.

Sometimes, the reviews and ratings are paid for. Should you trust anyone with a 5-star rating? There is a problem here. How do you know that these ratings are genuine? Always check the official website of the photographer. Also, actions and real work speaks. Never hire the photographer just by skimming through their ratings or reviews. These could be fake and you must be vigilant.

Check the portfolio

Hiring a wedding photographer is not a cheap affair! You may have to spend a fortune to hire the best photographer. Good photographs and videos of your friends, family and bride and groom are important. However, be wise and check the portfolio of the professional.

They will have a portfolio of past works. Skim through the photographs they have taken for other couples.

Always Speak to the Photographer

When you visit a photo studio, you usually deal with the owner or the manager. Speaking to them is of no use. Who is the creative head? Who is going to capture your wedding? Do they understand your vision? It is important to sit down with the photographer and explain them the vision.

Ask them straight questions whether they can click the type of pictures that you want.

Location Visit

A good photographer will visit the site before the actual day. They scout the venue/location to get a sense of light and the best spots to click the pictures.

Before you hire a photographer, ask them to visit the location and explain to them about the different poses and locations where you want to get clicked. These will be memorable pictures and so, the photographer has to put in all the effort.

Always Do Your Homework

Make sure you spend about three months to find the best photographer. We understand that you are excited for the wedding, but never hire the first professional you meet.

It is advisable to meet a couple of photographers and make a comparison chart. You might get a better deal from photographer #4!

Takeaway Advice

Your wedding photographers will stay with you for a long time! When you have kids together, they will see your pictures and show it to their friends. These will be priceless pictures and that is precisely why you should invest in the best professional photographer.

Do not settle for the cheapest or an easily available photographer! Opt for the best because it is your wedding day!

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