Coming back home to dull homes and peeling plaster walls can get very frustrating. Hence, revamping the interior design of your house or having a small makeover can do wonders for your home. It adds a fresh breath of air and life to it. From your bedding to electronic items and furniture, everything can lead to creating a better space for yourself. 


During such times, you can not possibly overlook electric switches and your switchboards. Colorful switches can complement your home decor and make them look made for each other. 


If you’re looking at adding a pop of color to your walls, the Elvira range by IndoAsian provides one of the best electric switches with colorful switch plate covers. In addition, they offer a range of switch cover plates suitable for all kinds of houses. So whether you look at a minimalistic interior or traditional, installing switches for a home has got easier than ever.  

Here are some factors to have in mind while choosing electric switches with switch plate covers.

Consider Safety

Whenever buying electrical switches and light switch covers, safety should be the most important factor. Besides the aesthetics, you also have sure your light switch plates are safe and of high quality. Modular switches are famous for their top level of safety. 


If you have a child at your place, then while searching for switches and sockets for your home, your child’s safety should also be considered. Make sure to check the safety ratings before purchasing the product.


All switches don’t go with all-electric switchboards. They are different in the aspect of dimension and connection. Hence always check the compatibility before you make your decision. Make sure your wall plates and switches go together. It is best to buy an in-built electric switchboard that goes best for your home. 


The new and popular modular switches are best when it comes to higher longevity. Changing switches now and then can be very expensive and also not feasible. 

That said, when your switches do not function properly, you should replace the light switches and electric switchboards every once in a few years. The Elvira range by IndoAsian offers higher resistance to damage and fading and excellent consistency, and easy installation.


When opting for colored switches, manufacturers often produce color switches whose color wears off. This can make your house look dull and affect your ambiance as well. Instead, purchase switches and switch plate covers from reputed and popular brands. 

Opt for colors that go well with your interiors and also look classic even after a few years. 


The Elvira range by IndoAsian is richly colorful and perfectly engineered switchplates and electric switches that deliver superior performance and fit your aesthetics. With the perfect shine and easy installation, Elvira brings a spark of colorful change to your setting. Don’t forget to check out these switches for increasing the “wow” factor of your house. 

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IndoAsian switches and sockets combine great quality, stylish design and unbeatable value for money. They are designed to seamlessly blend in with and spark a colourful change to your décor. With our Glint and Elvira ranges, it’s time to switch to a better, brighter life.