Technology has made it a lot easier for inventors and people with interesting product ideas nowadays. If you come up with an interesting concept for a new gadget, you can easily test the waters by ordering a few copies of it 3D printed and selling those. And while this can get you a pretty good idea of the kind of popularity you can expect from your product, it also has some severe limitations that you have to be aware of.

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3D printing not scale well. If it turns out that your product is extremely popular and people want to buy even more of it, you're in trouble if you decide to stick with 3D printing for the remaining orders. You'll waste a lot of time on details which can be resolved much more easily with something like injection moulding, and you'll end up dissatisfying your potential customers right from the start.

And that's just one part of the problem. The other is that 3D printing is not very good at achieving good levels of fine detail. When you need to print something that involves lots of tiny details, this is pretty much impossible with 3D printing, and you'll waste a lot of time trying to get the details right only to find out that you can't even achieve your goals in the first place.

On the other hand, with custom injection moulding, you can make your details as tiny as possible and still get good results over a continuous production batch. That way you'll never have to worry that you might be making your project too complicated, you'll have the full reassurance that the design is going to work.

And last but not least, there's the financial aspect of things. You risk a lot by placing your bets on 3D printing, because, once again, it simply does not scale well. You'll quickly find that 3D printing can cost you a lot in materials in the long run, more than it's initially obvious. You'll simply be throwing away potential profits by sticking to 3D printing instead of going with the much better solution of injection moulding.

All of the above, combined with the fact that it can be really easy to find a good injection moulding partner on the market today, should make it obvious that there's really only one good solution when you need to mass-produce a plastic product with the intention of selling it. Don't make your product a failure before it's even been launched, trust the option that is known to work!

So all that's left for you now is to get online and start searching around for a good injection moulding company in your local area. Get in touch with them, check their rates and before you know it you'll be receiving hundreds of copies of your product, all perfectly designed according to your requirements. And all without having to dig yourself deep into ridiculous expenses that don't make sense in the context of mass producing your designs!

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