Thousands of Forex and CFD brokers offer services for traders across the world, with many more popping up daily. Therefore, we understand how tedious and confusing it might be for you to select the best broker. This is the reason why we have gone through all of them and selected the best ones.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Forex Broker


Only select forex brokers who are regulated by known global financial sector regulators. Strictly trading with regulated Forex brokers’ guarantees that you will be trading in a transparent environment, and your investment is protected. 

Variety of Tradeable Assets

Best Forex brokers will offer you a wide range of tradeable financial assets. The purpose of this is to ensure that you can be able to diversify your portfolio easily. Note that not all tradeable CFDs are available for every country – makes sure to check if the broker is licensed to offer securities in your country.


In Forex, the spread is the difference between the bid and ask price; and it's the primary way Forex brokers earn their revenue. Best Forex Brokers in Asia and Indonesia will offer you the lowest spreads possible. However, be careful to ensure that the broker's spreads are applicable at all times of trading.

Types of Accounts Offered

The best Forex brokers do not limit you to only one type of account. They make various accounts available such as micro, standard, Islamic accounts, and VIP accounts. The availability of different accounts ensures that you can choose an account that suits your trading needs.

Allows for Different Types of Trade

For most short-term traders, scalping is popular. Therefore, when selecting your Forex broker, ensure that they do not have a minimum time limit between opening and closing a position to take profit.

Speed of Execution

It is crucial to find a Forex broker who is efficient in executing your trades at the fastest time possible to ensure that your trading cost is minimal. The speed of execution ensures you do not encounter slippage.

Trading Platform

The best Forex brokers provide you with multiple trading platforms like MT4, MT5, WebTrader, and mobile platforms. The availability of these platforms ensures that you can trade at your convenience, 


While most Forex brokers offer educational content, the best brokers offer a well-curated Forex education and continuous training sessions suitable for beginner and experienced traders.

Customer Service

Dedication to traders' needs and timely accurate responses to queries is one of the best Forex brokers' qualities.

How CompareThemFX Recommends The Best Forex Brokers?

At CompareThemFX, we have taken rigorous steps to ensure that our best brokers' recommendations that fit the above criteria. Also, our recommendations are tailored according to the location you reside at. For instance, traders in Asia can find the best brokers in Asia, the best brokers in Indonesia and Malaysia, etc.   

To ensure that these brokers offer the most relevant educational content, we enlisted beginner traders to go through the educational content and rate which ones are well-curated for new traders. Furthermore, we asked experienced traders to rate the relevance of the continuous training sessions offered.

To establish the brokers' efficiency in executing trades, we traded in live accounts under different volatility conditions. These trades helped us determine the average speed at which different brokers execute trades for different accounts on different platforms. Trading with different accounts helped us ascertain the spreads and commissions charged by each broker and if it matches what they advertised. More so, we traded in demo accounts to ensure that the trading experience matches live accounts.

We tested the deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the brokers. The tests enabled us to confirm if the fees charged when depositing and withdrawing with these payment methods match those advertised by the brokers. It also helped us determine if the time taken for deposits and withdrawals to reflect match the time advertised by the brokers.

In our trading, we ensured to contact the support teams of the Forex brokers frequently. We raised every possible issue that a Forex trader could face. We used the results to determine the speed of their responses, etiquette towards customers, and the relevance of their responses. We ensured to contact them in all the channels provided using multiple languages to ascertain whether they can be able to seamlessly serve the Forex traders in any specific region without a language barrier.

Best of all, the primary advantage you would have is to get all the recommendations at one place with respect to your geography. As mentioned above, you get to visit our location-specific pages to find the list of best Forex brokers in your region like best forex brokers in Asia, best forex brokers in Australia, best forex brokers in Canada, etc.

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