Annuity rates are a hot topic at the moment as many retirees are ready to buy an annuity but with the market being at a 15 year low, many people are buying into a less attractive deal than anticipated. However, the Government along with other financial institutions are urging investors to stop and think about their annuity before rushing into any deal. With careful research, planning and expert advice, many people can secure a great deal with their hard earned money.

Without using the open market option, many people do not realize that they qualify for an enhanced annuity rate, such as a smokers’ annuity. As annuities are based on life expectancies, many variables can affect the rate of an individual. The person’s health is one area which can have a dramatic impact on the rate and as smokers have a life expectancy of around ten years less than the average healthy person, this can result in a dramatically enhanced rate. To see if you qualify, using an online annuity rates calculator is one way of identifying your rates.

Using this calculator you can impact certain information such as the size of your pension fund, your age, health, whether or not you are a smoker, and maybe your employment history. The website team then get back to you and tell you your options for annuities. The best annuity rates can be obtained this way because it allows you to look at the market as a whole and see your options clearly and openly without obligation. You can come back to the table again and again to ensure you make a well informed decision.

One retiree commented, “as a smoker for over ten years I didn’t realize I was eligible for higher rates. I was glad that I used the internet to find out more about my options because had I accepted the first quote I was given I wouldn’t have secured a very attractive deal. After a lifetime of working and saving, I want a comfortable retirement and I do not want to be worried about money. This is why I am taking extra care to make sure I really do pick the best smokers’ annuity possible. I was also able to educate myself on the types of annuity such as joint annuity, fixed term, and life annuities. I would advise anyone else to do the same.”

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Scott Artichoke used to work in financial services for many years and now writes as a freelancer providing informative articles that help to educate people on financial topics. For further information about getting the best annuity rates visit