Seventy-one percent of alcohol addicts have problems enjoying their sexual relations generating problems of understanding in the relationship. This was confirmed by Boston Medical Group, a global alliance of medical clinics specializing in the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions.

Alcohol consumption affects the intimate relationships of men, especially since it inhibits the proper functioning of their nervous system, causing an interruption of the erection.

The state of drunkenness favors that in the man, the erection does not take place in response to a sexual stimulus. The director of Boston Medical Group said that alcohol retards, distorts and slows the perception and response of the senses.

The calming effect, appetite stimulant, and as a sedative, are some of the consequences of moderate consumption, which in the words of the director of Boston Medical Group would be the equivalent of two cups.

However, when this limit is crossed, difficulties in interpersonal relationships begin to appear, such as the ability to maintain an adequate erection.

The immediate consequence of this disorder is often a failure for the man, in such a way that it is possible that he develops feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, which would make the response to sexual arousal even more difficult.

There are many myths about the effects of alcohol that are not real. The fact that ethyl substances improve sexual functioning is not true; the effect they produce is the opposite. This substance negatively affects the vascular systems involved in erection, causing erectile dysfunction.

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Damage to Health:

  • Increasing tolerance of the effects of alcohol
  • The daily need for alcohol
  • Loss of self-control
  • 'Gaps' in memory; episodes of amnesia appear
  • Outbreaks of violence related to alcohol consumption
  • Growing problems in social, family, sexual and work-life
  • Unjustified episodes of a bad mood
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hallucinations, sweats, convulsions, fainting, tachycardias
  • Inability to end a sexual relationship

How to Solve?

The first advice is prevention. You must try not to get into the habit of consuming alcohol in an essential way to have fun or have sex.

If you are already addicted to alcohol consumption, and even physical, psychological, or sexual problems have already been detected, make a personal effort to return to moderate consumption. If personal attempts are unsuccessful, an association can be used to help yourself and people with problems in intimate relationships.

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