Import-export businesses play a crucial role in the global economy, connecting countries and facilitating international trade. When it comes to finding the ideal location for such ventures, one country stands out among the rest.

Russia has the world's fourth-largest foreign exchange reserves. The country is a major natural-gas exporter, the world's second largest natural-gas producer and the world's second-largest oil producer and exporter.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why Russia is considered the best country for import-export businesses.

Strategic Geographical Position

Russia's geographical location provides a unique advantage for import-export businesses. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and serves as a link between the two continents.

This strategic position allows businesses to easily access markets in both regions, making Russia an ideal transit hub for goods traveling between East and West. Additionally, Russia shares borders with multiple countries, further expanding its reach and trade opportunities.

Abundance of Natural Resources

Russia's abundant natural resources are one of the primary aspects that make it an appealing destination for import-export companies.

Oil, gas, minerals and metals are among the many commodities found in the country.

These resources are highly sought after on the global market, making Russia a valuable trading partner. According to Russia Customs data, the country is in a trade surplus, with a foreign trade to GDP ratio of 52.17% in 2021, up 6.14% from 2020. It exported a total of $548.86B in 2021, ranking it 10th largest exporter in the world while Russia import data reveals that the country imported goods worth of $303.99B

Entrepreneurs involved in import-export can capitalize on Russia's resource wealth by establishing trade links and supplying these valuable commodities to international markets. 

Economic Opportunities and Market Potential

Russia boasts a robust and diverse economy, offering immense opportunities for import-export businesses. The country's vast population of nearly 140 million people creates a significant market for consumers, driving up demand for a wide range of goods and services.


Russia has been steadily modernizing its infrastructure and industry, creating a favorable atmosphere for trade and investment.

The government has made measures to simplify trade procedures, decrease bureaucratic barriers, and encourage international participation, allowing import-export businesses to grow rapidly in the country.

International Trade Agreements

Russia's participation in various international trade agreements further enhances its appeal for import-export businesses. Russia is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), a body that promotes free trade and encourages worldwide economic cooperation.

Through the WTO, Russia enjoys access to a vast network of preferential trade agreements with numerous countries worldwide. These agreements provide import-export businesses with favorable tariff rates, reduced trade barriers, and enhanced market access, giving them a competitive edge in international trade.

Investment Incentives and Special Economic Zones

To attract foreign investors and promote economic growth, Russia has established special economic zones (SEZs) and offers attractive investment incentives. These SEZs provide businesses with various benefits, including tax breaks, simplified customs procedures, and infrastructure support. 

By setting up their operations in these designated zones, import-export businesses can enjoy favorable conditions for trade, streamlined logistics, and cost-effective solutions.


Russia emerges as the best country for import-export businesses due to its strategic geographical position, abundant natural resources, thriving economy, participation in international trade agreements, and attractive investment incentives. 

Entrepreneurs looking to establish successful import-export ventures can leverage Russia's favorable business environment, vast market potential, and advantageous trade conditions. 

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Russia has the world's fourth-largest foreign exchange reserves. The country is a major natural-gas exporter, the world's second largest natural-gas producer and the world's second-largest oil producer and exporter.