The hour of neo creation is fast approaching. It is a definite fact that those times full of strife faced by us all today will not last long. Even if it remains then man will have to face infinite more hell like situations than the hardships faced by him today and thus human beings will burn to ashes in its painful fire. Yet God does not want his most beloved creation-mankind to fall down so despicably and would not like to see man totally destroyed. Hence very soon God will create such situations that before fear sets in conduciveness will take over.

In the past mankind has walked on such vile roads that their dire reactions are being witnessed/experienced by us all and that situation is being noted today wherein which will not allow all this to continue for long. There is no other choice but to transform this messy/chaotic situation. Only 2 choices remain, one is total destruction and the other is transformation. If we ignore transformation then face the consequence of total destruction. If we wish to ward off destruction, welcome transformation. There is no middle path.

In future the world will be partitioned into 2. One will be generous and the other stingy. One will be full of discrimination and the other full of delusion. One will be called divine and the other demonic. Since deluded people ooze with bad habits/activities and narrow ideologies have converted the world into hell and divine like mankind into human ghosts. They will see nothing wrong in all this. They will insist on following old vile beliefs. They will refuse to change with times. Not only this, but that they will oppose reformation and right up to death will oppose it. This class of men must be included in that very one which Arjun speaks of in Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 11):

Vaktrani te twaramana vishanti
Danshtra karalani bhayanakani.
Kechidwalagna dashantareshu
Sadrishyante churniteruttamangaiha.

O God! They enter your fearful mouth full of terrible teeth and are entangled in your teeth as battered heads.

Yatha pradiptam jwalanam patanga
Vishanti nashaya samridha vegaha.
Tathaiva nashaya vishanti loka
Stavapi vaktrani samriddha vegaha.

Just as deluded moths in order to get destroyed speedily enter blazing fire so too these people run towards your mouth to get totally destroyed.

There is no dearth of people in this world who are engulfed by delusion to this extent. Even when the hour of death has come very close and they are insulted by family members again and again yet old people more and more get entangled in the eddy of worldly enticements/attachments. They do not pay heed to the future and reactions of vile activities and instead burden their heads with loads of sins. This world is full of such people wherein neither wisdom reforms them nor does the light of discrimination change their psyche. Like arrogant elephants they continue walking on the basis of their whims and fancies. Mahakal on seeing that they will never mend their erroneous ways is forced to crush them to death lest they become speed breakers on the path of divine functioning. While ploughing his field a farmer has to make arrangements for breaking hard stone like mounds of mud that remain behind. At the time of era transformation a divine wrath manifests to render the mismanaged deluded souls well managed. In the future that strife and natural calamities which will be poured on humanity will have the above as its basis. This then is the only eternal path to combat vileness. Where wisdom, discrimination, logic and aptness do not succeed there a small measure of harsh punishment does the needful. It is most required that man’s vile brains and prejudice spanning for quite a length of time be reformed. For this the Tandava dance will be executed. There are many biased people who insist on acting tainted. Thus human and natural calamities take over which are responsible for a lot of bloodshed.

The other gist of the above is that in the era transformation junction period that class of world humanity which harbors goodwill shall be awakened and on special occasions with zeal shall shoulder their sacred responsibility. During dire times men of discrimination work for overcoming hardships. For a certain length of time they give up their mundane tasks and make special efforts to ward of strife. Their farsightedness not only becomes means of fame, glory, self satisfaction, good merit and grandeur but due to pious goals the world is served aptly. In his sacred mission Mahakal too gets cooperation from these spiritual aides.

When fire erupts in a village, wise people from their own protection standpoint and also for the sake of spiritual goals give up all personal tasks so as to douse the fire. The time between the old era ending and a new one ushering in is such a junction period which is akin to night ending and day ushering in. at that time people instead of executing ordinary tasks make arrangements to perform tasks like worship, meditation etc so as to contact divinity. Special importance is given to special tasks on special occasions. If seeds are sown at the right time the possibility of a good harvest is very high on the cards. Radiant souls carry a lot of inner consciousness within. So much light dwells within them that they recognize an apt occasion, listen to God’s divine voice during special events and thus act as per this divine guidance.

Those who get such divine inspirations never ignore their duty and responsibility. They will endure obstructions in the way of ordinary tasks of upkeep of family and instead work in dire times for era transformation. For protecting the country’s border region many valiant army soldiers come forward to execute that task. When divine light manifests in someone they will not make excuses of obstructions coming their way in rearing their family and other such narrow selfishness but will work for special events like era transformation. When the bugle is sounded a soldier will immediately get alert to perform his duty and if a soldier is on leave he will give it up to fight for his country. Such special occasions like this historical junction period induce awakened souls to zealously accept their divine responsibility.

In the days to come both the deluded demonic and divine souls full of sense of world well being will get an opportunity to show either their tainted nature or greatness of character. The good or bad results of both will usher in and on seeing it the future generation will get a chance to decide which method/class is worth following. Which is wholesome and which is not?

In future we will have to choose one of them because there is no middle course of action. If they insist on joining the deluded class of people who obstruct Mahakal’s sacred mission can joyfully do so but also must be prepared to face harsh punishment. If this is not acceptable they must become aides of this sacred cause. Thus we will have to reform our ways immediately and imbibe that meritorious task which includes both individual and world well being.

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