Imagine you have designed the house of your dreams with all décor essentials and furnishings like sofa, bookshelf, entertainment unit but forgot about the little furnishing items like armchairs and master chairs, which really help turn your house into a home. Nothing completes the look of home decor and elevates its design as the stunning and sophisticated seating chairs. These modern seating options are taking convenience and style to a whole new level. They are contemporary and add a distinctive elegance to space they are kept in.

So, whether you are a fan of a mid centurion style wing chair or prefer a traditional master chair, these latest furnishing items come in a wide range of options that will suit your space and reflect your personal style. They are versatile and can enhance the overall look of any setting of your house – be it a bedroom, home office, your reading space, hallway or living room. Like the sofa, these chairs are also treated as an investment piece because there’s nothing like sinking into a soft and cosy chair after a long day at work. They are often used for an extended period of time– like reading, binging on favourite TV series and working. They need to be supportive, comfortable, be distinctive and should make a statement.


Wing Chair

In this blog, we have shared some tips to help you select the best options while also highlighting a few pieces from the HOF’s armchair collection;

Find out the purpose

First and foremost, ask yourself what will be the purpose of an armchair in your house? Whether you are going to add it into the cosy nook in the bedroom, as a statement piece in your living space, as your safe haven in your home office or as a part of your home’s vantage point. If it’s just for a decorative purpose, then the quality and fabric of upholstery matter more. If it is going to be in the bedroom, home office or the reading area, then it should be supportive and comfy. And if it is a statement piece of the heart of your house, i.e. the living room, then should be relaxing to sit in and ravishing to look at.


The second thing is to examine the layout of the space and the size of other furnishing items. The aesthetics of the room should not look all over the place with crowded elements. You should create a desirable space, where every item coexists with other items. Do your homework well, measure up the dimensions and proportions of the chair to evaluate if it is the right fit for your space of not.

Looks and style

Before taking the plunge, research about the style and look you like. Do you want an armchair with modern contour and silhouettes or a simple traditional design will suffice your requirements? Are you willing to invest in an ergonomic chair or do you just want an accent piece? Ask yourself these questions to reach an informed decision.

Accent armchairs should add an exclusive charm to space. Carefully choose the colour and upholstery, make sure they work well with the other items in the space. It should mirror your personality and should make people want to sit on it as soon as they walk into your living room.


This is one of the most crucial aspects to assess while purchasing armchairs – comfortable furniture makes people want to sit and stay a little longer. It should be designed to fit the shape of your body while allowing maximum comfort. It makes no sense to splurge in a chair that makes you uncomfortable. Study the features closely– like ergonomics, seat depth, foam quality, upholstery variety etc. It should make your home look more welcoming without compromising on quality and comfort.


You probably don’t want to invest in an item of furniture that will give up on you in a few years. So, you should be able to differentiate between the sturdy and non-sturdy items. Buy furniture from brands which are known for using quality standardized material. Check the quality of wood they use – solid wood, plywood, hardwood or veneer. With that, you will get a product that is sustainable and sturdier.

All things considered

The armchair is a versatile piece of furniture that performs multiple functions. Its appeal lies in the ability to be placed anywhere, giving the perfect finishing touch to the home. Keep in mind the aforesaid 5 ways while choosing the right armchair for your home. And if you want one, then look no further, explore classic pieces from the HOF’s armchair collection. They boast of unusual iconic designs, high-quality finish and incredible craftsmanship and make your space undeniably breath-taking. So, why not grab your favourite one as soon as you can? Visit now!

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