For you who are designing website, you may wonder which hosting companies that you can choose for the best service. There are many kinds of provider that have been developed so far. It is not easy to choose the suitable hosting server for you or your business. Some companies compete to attract the users by offering many features that will help the users to develop the website. Some companies put the term “free” and “unlimited” in some features that they offered. For some people, those terms may be quite tempting. There are many companies that offer pain version. However, sometime it will cost you too much. Therefore, we need a guidance that can lead you to choose the hosting server. In choosing the server, what things that should be considered the most? What types of hosting server that you can choose?

Things to Consider

In choosing the server, there are some things that can be considered. Most of them are related to the service and performance that a web hosting companies should have in providing service.

1. Capacity
Capacity is the first things that should be considered in choosing the server. Capacity includes storage and bandwidth that you can use for your website. It is important to check whether your website will contain many kinds of data in different size or not. There are many serves that offer unlimited version of storage and bandwidth. Although it hasn’t proved yet that they will use unlimited capacity, but for sure they will provide you bigger capacity in storage and bandwidth compared with the one who limit the capacity.
2. Compatibility
A good web hosting should be compatible in many kinds of operating system due to rapid development of technology.
3. Reliability
A good web hosting should also offer good performance in reliability. It means that the service can be access in every time and everywhere without worrying about downtime
4. Security
A good web hosting should also fully protect the users from malware and virus as well as the identity protection.

Type of Hosting

There are some types of hosting that you can choose based on your needs. The first type is called shared web hosting. It means that your website will share a server with other websites. Commonly, this type will be affordable and provide you some basic needs such as file sharing and email sending. The second type is called virtual private server. Although in this type of server you still shared a server with other websites, but you are allowed to make your own virtual server. It will be safer and helpful in keeping your site separated from other websites in the service. The third one is called dedicated hosting. In this type of hosting, the server will dedicate them self to only serve your website. You are also given a lot of freedom to manage and control your server. This type will really helpful for you who have quite big business.

Those are some considerations and some type of hosting that can be considered in determining or choosing the web hosting companies for you. It is not an easy to choose the most suitable one for your needs. Hopefully, this information can be a good reference and help you to choose the most suitable one for you.

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Robert Alleson