Gold, since the time it was discovered has fascinated mankind. Most of the people think of the colour yellow when we talk about gold. This is because when it is extracted it has a natural metallic yellow colour.

What it is interesting about gold is that in its purest form it is very soft and delicate and thus, can be used to make jewellery. Thus, goldsmith ad jewellers mix it with other elements to form it into jewellery pieces. Apart from yellow gold, you can find it in a number of other colours like white or pink. For making jewellery out of pure yellow gold it is generally mixed with copper and zinc, for pink gold copper is used and in case of a white gold it is mixed with silver and even palladium many a time. Although, earlier nickel was used to get white gold but, as nickel is toxic so its use is mostly avoided in making gold jewellery. It must be clearly understood that white gold is no less pure than yellow gold.

Today, you can find wedding bands in a assortment of metals with or without studded stones. Gold wedding bands look equally elegant and regal as white, pink or yellow gold wedding bands. When shopping for wedding bands you tend to go through a lot of excitement and nervousness. It is important to conduct a market research to find out what is in fashion and then prioritizing it according to your personal preference for a wedding band.

Since the 90’s white gold wedding bands have become a common choice for a lot of youngsters. Couples who are getting engaged or married like to buy their rings in this coloured gold. A white gold ring has the same radiance as a yellow gold ring however; it is more silvery in colour looking much like a platinum ring.

A lot of people also like to wear white gold wedding bands as they find such ring trendy yet very classy. The best part about white gold rings is that they closely resemble a platinum ring but are much cheaper than it. White gold wedding bands easily suit individuals of any colour. However, it does look the best for people with a fair skin colour. On the contrast, yellow Gold wedding bands considered a good selection for people with tanned skin or a darker complexion. Eventually, the decision to choose a white or yellow gold depends on your personal preference.

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