When it comes to preparing the walls, it’s likely for homeowners to get confused between the application of plaster and drywall. Before choosing any of the two, owners need to weigh different aspects related to both plaster and drywall.

However, these days’ owners, who have knowledge about both types of materials, are seen choosing drywall over plastering. Considering the fact that both types of wall finishing come with their share of benefits and shortcomings most of you would first like to know in detail about them.


Plaster has been in vogue for years. Its application is widely acknowledged in the field of construction. Plaster is chiefly a mixture comprising sand, lime, and water.


This comprises 4-8 feet boards which are further cut down to meet different size requirements. Drywall is further applied by means of screws which are then mudded as well as taped for offering seamlessness.

So, basically, there are critical reasons to pick one material over the other. The majority of people prefer opting for drywall because of the reasons mentioned here.


Drywall is known for being less expensive. Furthermore, it can be easily installed which means you can cut back on labour costs. What is even more amazing about drywall plastering is that they are less complicated. So if you discover any kind of damage along the wall you can get it repaired by drywall plasterers in Brisbane. Ease of installation and repair are two main things people weigh when it comes to choosing between plaster and drywall. Drywall plasterers can easily repair any defect and will charge very less for the job.

However, plastering demands meticulousness. Installing plaster is not easy. There are different types of stages involved. These steps include offering a scratch coat and adding a brown coat before applying the finishing coat. These laborious tasks demand the involvement of labour. Besides, the steps are too time-taking, which makes it obvious for labour charges to go high. If you are thinking you can handle a plastering job all by yourself, your decision might not be right. Plastering demands precision for which you will need to hire Boral drywall plastering experts Gold Coast. Gradually they will apply every coat after each has dried perfectly. Furthermore plastering demands enormous precision and skills. If you are not sure about the job, get it done by professionals.


Indeed there can’t be anything more valuable than time. Hence, we tend to choose services and products which take less time for installation. Drywall installation is quick. With very less time, you can get the drywall installed. What is even more interesting is that drywall dries faster. Hence you can apply paint within no time at all.

Meanwhile, if you go on to select plastering over drywall installation, it’s important that you hold patience. Plastering demands time. The process too is quite complicated. Furthermore, plaster may at times lead to uneven and faulty surfaces.

Time and budget are the two most important aspects people consider when it comes to seeking services. Especially when it is about wall finishing, we have to be really careful.

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