There is a choice before us, whether we are conscious of it or not, and as the old structures continue to collapse, the battle for the dominion of our energy is becoming more intensely obvious.

This is the year to make a clear decision about the direction of your life: will you maintain the old fear-based beliefs and emotional wounds or will you move toward new, more creative and expansive paradigms?

The world seems to be getting more and more polarized in the political, economical, and social arenas, and this polarization brings about much fear and anxiety regarding our well-being, our financial stability, our sense of safety, and our freedom. Sometimes it feels like we’re walking in a haze, uncertain of where all this is going, what we’re supposed to do, and why all this chaos is happening. Hey, aren’t things supposed to be getting better?

It is certainly true that awareness is shifting, but the problem we humans have always had, and maintain through an ego-based perception, is that we expect things to fall on our lap, or someone else to take responsibility for us, so we don’t have to make the emotional effort that growing requires, be it on a personal or business level, or on a global scale.

A lot of people have this illusion that we will be lifted onto a higher 5th dimensional reality by external forces or beings, instead of learning to listen to their inner voice and take themselves there. In other words, they keep giving their attention and energy to others—whether human or celestial beings—in the exact same manner they did with their parents and teachers when they were kids. And they keep waiting…

Manage Your Energy and Let Go of the Fear-and-Blame Game

I am not saying that we are not being helped or that we don’t need help and support from others, quite the opposite, but if we truly want to shift our mental and emotional patterns we need to start creating new emotional habits and manage our energy (attention and intention) in a completely different way. We can’t continue believing that our reality and well-being is someone else’s responsibility, because that keeps us trapped in the powerless victim mentality.

To change things around, we have to understand that we are co-creators of everything we perceive. For instance, those wars that we blame on our governments are also our co-creation, and we contribute to the energy that promotes wars every time we feel hatred toward another, blame others for our suffering, feel resentment, or desire to get even. Even if we don’t act on our emotions, we still feed and project our anger, which fuels the collective unconscious with more of the same. Then it shows up in our reality. Armies and wars wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t accumulated for centuries so much anger and judgment toward ourselves and others. Peace starts within.

We can remain in the fear and blame game or begin establishing new experiences and patterns to build our life path in our own terms, and to make a different contribution to our global community—our spiritual footprint, if you will. This requires an emotional effort that cannot be avoided. It requires looking at our self-destructive and self-defeating patterns, and all the ways that we sabotage and block our own emotional and spiritual growth. Only then can we begin to create a conscious, loving, and fulfilling life—a higher vibrational reality.

The Shift Into Higher Reality Happens Through Self-Awareness

To make the transition from 3rd into 5th dimensional reality, you need strong determination and conscious choices, because there is simply no way to shift onto higher consciousness while carrying all the unconscious baggage from the past. It is a heavy load that will always bring you back down. Those in control of the media and financial structures are working non-stop to keep you down, trapped in fear and uncertainty. Now the question is, will you continue giving them the dominion of your mental and emotional energy?

Remember the time when everyone believed that the Earth was flat? Well, it took centuries for Aristotle’s and the Greek philosophers’ idea of the Earth being a sphere to spread into collective consciousness and be accepted (and much later proven). Similarly, during the Middle Ages, everyone believed that the Earth was the center of the galaxy and that the Sun revolved around it, because the Church had established those ideas according to their interpretation of the Bible. If you went against it, you’d be tried for heresy, so everyone learned to keep quiet and accept it as a truth out of fear.

Galileo was willing to risk his freedom and life defending Copernicus’ ideas against this geocentrism (notice the similarity with egocentrism!), and wouldn’t give up on his vision. He was to stand trial and sentenced to home arrest for the rest of his life by the Inquisition. His work was banned and his name condemned by the Catholic Church thereafter, yet that didn’t deter him from continuing with his work. He is now honored as the father of Modern Physics.

Transfer those analogies to these challenging and polarized times and you will see that those who like to maintain control over others are trying to feed you with similar fears: you are so powerless that if you don’t believe and behave as they say, you will not survive. The lack mentality is so prevalent in the world that most of us refuse to see what lies beyond it, out of fear of breaking free and treading into the unknown: a life of fulfillment and peace and emotional, spiritual, and financial abundance.

Like those attacking Galileo, you simply cannot see what you cannot see. And like Galileo himself, once you become aware of something, nobody can take that away from you. It becomes a new experience, a new perception that only you can deny or block with your own fears, doubts, or ties to a toxic environment.

We all have emotional blind spots and need guidance and support. Most of us, however, are too smart or too proud to accept it and want to do things on our own. I know this because I’ve been there, attempting to prove how smart, self-sufficient, strong, or spiritual I was. That is, until I got tired of running in circles and finding the “same old same” everywhere!

Are You Ready To Question Your Own Unconscious Patterns?

My teachers clearly showed me that there is nothing spiritual about remaining in the illusion of your self-image. The ego-mind is very tricky: it knows you better than you know yourself (because it has access to your subconscious) and will always try to hold you back and keep you trapped in what’s familiar, even if it no longer serves you.

As a matter of fact, simply acknowledging that you need help and support to change your mindset and let go of old patterns is a conscious step toward a higher reality. Then you need to take conscious action toward your own fulfillment. So as the year continues to intensify, I strongly encourage you to:

1. Accept that life is complex and that we all have blind spots and need support to keep growing;

2. Find a teacher, counselor or coach and commit to your self-growth;

3. Maintain a daily meditative practice of your choice;

4. Take full responsibility for your life and starve the “victim” in you;

5. Eat light, wholesome foods and avoid eating other creatures (and their pain energy);

6. Disengage from toxic relationships and environments;

7. Keep focused on what brings you joy and self-awareness;

To raise your awareness and step into a higher reality, where you can establish loving relationships in creative cooperation, make your dreams come true, experience ongoing abundance, and find fulfillment and satisfaction in what you do, you need to gather all the energy you’ve been wasting feeling afraid and wounded, or rationalizing your feelings, and utilize it to create and pave the way toward the future you desire.

Shift From a Mind Connection To a Heart Connection

To heal and let go, you must explore the depth of the wounds that fuel your beliefs, feelings, and behaviors rather than turn away from them or try to compensate for your suffering. If you turn away from your deeper pain, by creating new illusions (like a new relationship), denying it (in all your busyness) or pretending it’s no longer there (through rationalization), you will just experience “more of the same,” which will often lead to more suffering and confusion and strengthen the lack mentality (lack of love, of money, of energy, of health, and so on).

Healing requires feeling, a heart connection, going into the dark places we all try to avoid, and bring the light of awareness to the painful places to integrate them in a way that now can serve our highest purpose. Old wounds will continue dictating how you react only as long as you cannot see their purpose, overturn their emotional charge and utilize it for your self-growth.

Nobody is coming to save you; none can walk your path for you; and there isn’t anyone in the whole Universe who can experience, express, and create what only YOU can experience, express, and create in this world. So why not stop making excuses and instead start heading toward true personal empowerment by letting go of the victim mentality and embracing full personal responsibility?

All you really have to lose is your toxic emotional baggage, your distorted beliefs, and your unconscious motivations and tendencies, which were born out of the pain and wounds from a past that no longer exists. Instead of giving your power away, start managing your emotional energy more creatively and embrace your present fully to shape a better future!

So contact me today and let’s rewrite your life story so you can let go of old emotional habits and patterns, build a stronger foundation for the rest of your life, and pave the way with new, positive, and uplifting experiences that connect you to a higher vibrational reality, where you can be who you truly are without having to apologize.

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Yol Swan is a Soul Guided Life Purpose & Business Coach offering her intuitive and healing gifts, plus over 28 years of experience exploring the mind and psyche, to empower spirit-led women, Indigo adults, and conscious entrepreneurs to claim their personal freedom and creative power, to shape a joyful and abundant life in alignment with their soul purpose.