Hotel Vs. Short Term Apartments For Rent in Colombo on a Family Vacation

The best part of a family vacation is spending quality time with your family. You are able to choose from Colombo apartments rentals for short term or a hotel. When you are on a family vacation most people are on a tight budget. They have to manage money in a manner that they can have fun in Colombo as well as not spend too much.

  • Short term apartments like Crescat Residencies offer a kitchen where you are able to cook a meal for your family without spending a lot of money on the expensive restaurants in Colombo
  • During your Sri Lanka tour laundry is important. It gives you the ability to do your own laundry which will help you save a lot of money than paying the hotel you are staying at to it for you. Service apartments come with washers and dryers that will help you save cash on your extended tour in Sri Lanka
  • If you have a large family spending on rooms in a hotel may cost a fortune but with families like that who are on a tight budget you are able to rent a short stay apartment. You can re-purpose the living room as an extra bedroom if you need to.

Hotel Vs. Short Term Apartments For Rent in Colombo on a Business Tour

A business trip would last a long time and you are constantly in your room working or having a meeting with a client. You are able to rent a hotel and spend a fortune in those few weeks you stay in Colombo or choose from Colombo apartments rentals for short term like Crescat Residencies. Service luxury apartments offer the same benefits as a hotels do during your Sri Lanka tour such as room service but it also offer many more advantages.

  • Ability to cook your own food is always an advantage. When you are on a business trip you are constantly busy and you need to have healthy food to remain active for a long period of time. You can stay in and cook something healthy rather than eating the fatty food of restaurants in the city.
  • Studies have shown that during a business stay the productivity of employees have reduced when they stay at hotel. They are often boxed in between 4 walls. Luxury apartments for rent offer a great alternative to enjoy a home away from your real home. You are able to stay for longer number of days at a time in an apartment than a hotel. Because it is like a normal home you have much more freedom to do what you want and enjoy you business stay rather than just survive it.
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Jerome Julian recommends Crescat Apartments, the short term apartments in Colombo, for short stay in Colombo and wonderful time in the busy city.