You have completed your research and you are thinking of investing in Salesforce as the new CRM of your organization. One of the brilliant set of solutions that helps you in becoming more connected and in delivering excellent programs and services is the Salesforce platform. However, the most difficult part is choosing the right Salesforce partner, as it is responsible for upgrading the graph of your company and in making a big difference in your business growth.

Discussing following points will make you understand everything about choosing a Salesforce Consulting Partner;

1. Why you need a Salesforce partner?
2. Few important tips which you should follow for choosing a right partner.

Before going forward, let's throw some light on why you need a Salesforce partner?

1. Why you need a Salesforce partner?

Well, once you get a license, there are a number of things you need to set up to run your organization smoothly and efficiently. Some of them are:

• Database configuration that will give the reflection of your business processes
• Migration of your data from your legacy system
• Making your user trained.

And now if you have a bigger organization, they may need Salesforce analysts, admins, and some in-house developers. But most of the organizations don’t have so much of resources to bear. This is the place where you may need a perfect Salesforce consultation partner.

So, if you have decided to make Salesforce the CRM of your organization, then you should now concentrate on factors which can help you in selecting the best Salesforce partner, who can meet all your requirements. Well, it may sound you like an epic pursuit, but don't get frightened there is nothing to be bewildered. You are not alone, but various people around the globe find this work nerve-racking. Selecting a perfect Salesforce consulting partner is becoming more daunting task day by day, because of a number of consultation forms cropping up rapidly. But if you will concentrate on few basic tips, then it will ease your process and you will get the best Salesforce partner for your organization.

2. Few important tips which you should follow for choosing a right partner.

Here are a few important tips which you should follow.

A. Reviews of the client

One of the best ways to know how your project will run when you will hire a particular Salesforce partner is by seeing the consultants’ track record. You should watch whether it is getting more positive reviews and less negative reviews or no negative reviews. Apart from that you have to see what all reviews are given by consultant clients including statements like

• In time delivery
• Effectiveness
• Meeting all needs with as much accuracy
• The number of projects completed.

This will give you an idea what to expect from the Salesforce partner. One of the best tips is to always see when the reviews are submitted. Don't get impressed with the positive reviews if they are several months back because with time their efficiency might have changed. Always look for recent reviews.

B. Diversity of the clients

It is an obvious fact that if a Salesforce consultant has worked with clients of diverse fields, then he will be more effective in delivering your needs. As we all know all different organizations are different and with new projects there will be new learning experiences and tools.

C. Certified employees

Always look for a Salesforce partner with certified employees that too multiple certifications. At the minimum, they should hold both certifications of administrator and developer. And another factor is this certified employee should have maintained their credentials by passing release exams and should remain up to date with the latest tools and technology. In you will get a clear cut idea about which consultant has good certified employees.

D. Consultants response

One of the most important things to consider is how they are listening to your needs. Keep a watch on how they are questioning to know about your business need or they are just in a hurry to make a deal, without considering your requirements. The consultant while discussing should express their expertise in technology, business acumen and they should be able to show their ability to support your organization.

E. Better to take a second opinion

Before finalizing a Salesforce consulting partner, it is always better to take a second opinion or recommendations. For this, the’s online community is always active and strong, with a large number of user groups around the country. There are prospects, customers, and consultants. They can help you in giving right suggestions.

F. Counterattack the trap of bargain

It may happen that you may get two options of equal quality. At you will get a clear choice. It doesn't mean that expensive ones are the best, sometimes the less expensive one will do much top-level work than others. The only thing you have to see is the expertise level, work quality, experience, and the availability of resources.


So, with all these easy tips and it utilization, don't lose vision on your organization goal line and restrictions, and you will surely find the right Salesforce consulting partner.

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