All sports have their necessary safety equipment for protection when participating in the game. In racing, there are specific safety equipment that are designed to minimize the injuries, burns or even death. For many individuals, they put everything in check except the safety measures and this ought to be the first thing to consider before you go for racing. The concentration for many racers is on the equipment that will enhance the performance of the racing bike or vehicle. Choosing the right safety gear for your motors can be an overwhelming decision and there are various factors that need to be considered. Below are some of the factors that you should consider.

Ensure you understand the set rules.
Every organization has set rules that you must comply with when you go for racing. The safety gear should meet a certain SFI specifications. That is, the gear need to have a minimum number of layers and made from a specific material. Before you purchase a safety gear, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the set rules. Having this information will ensure that you get a safety gear that provides the needed level of protection.

Consider the thermal protective performance.
The thermal protective performance ratings are determined by conducting various tests at a certain temperature level. This is to estimate how long a given material can protect the individual from certain degrees of burn. As much as the gear material may withstand flames, the heat will penetrate through the material resulting to a burn. The more layers your safety gear has, the more protection it will offer.

The SFI foundation.
This is a non-profit foundation that develops and ensures that the safety apparel meets set standards. All manufacturers need to give materials tested by independent labs so as to receive the SFI certification for the specific item. For instance, Alpinestars protective gear for motorsports is designed in a way that it meets the SFI specifications. Basically, SFI foundation focusses on the thermal protective performance and the flammability of the gear. However, SFI foundation has an exception for kart racing as it is rated for resistance to abrasion and the strength of the tear.

The cost of the gear.
Different safety gears have different costs that are dependent on the features and number of layers. For a single layer safety gear, it is quite affordable foe anyone but the level of protection is very low. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive, it is recommended that you look out for a gear that will offer maximum protection. There are standard suits that are multi-layered and they offer substantial protection at an affordable price. In addition, you can get customized safety gear that fits your desired features. These are a bit expensive but they offer maximum protection.

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