If you consider getting a plastic surgery, you should make some important decisions if you want to achieve the results you want. You will find that there are many things that you should take into account. The most important factor that will lead to the best results is choosing the right surgeon. Not every physician will be experienced or qualified enough to perform the surgery you want. Getting the right physician is more than just getting a referral. Internet and referral research gives the place where you can start but if you want to get plastic surgery, you will need to be extra careful since it is your appearance and safety at stake.

If you are looking for a board certified plastic surgeon, make sure that he has been proven as an expert. If you are making such choice, it is good to ask yourself the following questions:

• Does the surgeon have the expertise needed to perform the surgery safely?
• Does the physician have sufficient experience in the procedure at hand?
• Is the surgeon capable of leading to exceptional results with his patients on a regular basis?

To get to know the right surgeon, check the following

Plastic surgeons have to be certified by the board of surgeons. Plastic surgery is a complex and highly specialized specialty and it requires enough years of training and educations. The board certification will ensure that a physician is capable to meet the safety requirements and that he has medical skills needed for the procedure.


Besides the best education and training, the physicians need to have the experience in performing the surgery you want to get. There are surgeons who specialize in different procedures, but the procedure you want to get should be among the top three procedures that he performs. The right surgeon is the one who has performed the procedure at least every week for over five years.

Exceptional results

Whenever someone thinks about plastic surgery, they think about the results that they wish to get at the end of the procedure. You should examine before and after photos of the surgeon’s past clients. You have to make sure that the results other patients got are the same results you want to get for yourself. This means that the artistic skills of your chosen surgeon should match with your own so that your goals are well understood and show in your results.

Dr. Paul Angelchik is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Arizona patients in his Glendale office. Dr. Angelchik’s training, experience, and attention given to each patient ensures the best possible results.

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