Do you wake up tired and you don't know why? Do you have trouble sleeping well with no apparent reason at all. If this sounds like you, then chances are that you have the wrong mattress. Its estimated that as many as 70% of people are sleeping on the wrong mattress. Its no wonder really, because when it comes to choosing a mattress we are inundated with choice. There are so many different types and so much conflicting information out there that it can be near impossible to choose the right one.

The bed you sleep on has a massive impact on the quality of sleep you get. Sleep deprivation can affect you in many ways. In your everyday life it can lead to feeling tired, sleepy and lacking energy. While that can be a tremendous physical challenge to get through the days, the mental and emotional effects are even harder to deal with. A lack of concentration, mood swings and motivational problems can be even more severe.

When it comes to the physical implications there are numerous effects that a mattress can have on your body. Spinal issues are the most common and most severe. If you are struggling with chronic back pain, then a change of mattress should be your number one priority. It has a massive impact on how your back and your spine gets supported while you sleep. Sleeping is meant to rest you body. Your muscles are meant to relax, but a bad mattress can actually have the opposite effect. It can put a lot of tension on your muscles and many people wake up "stiff" because of this.

Choosing the right mattress is not really an exact science. You might want to find a retailer where there are some real experts that can genuinely assist you. The problem is that people who want to sell you something are not really experts. One of the best people to talk to (especially if you have back problems) is a a chiropractor. Each one of us have a unique preference and a unique requirement and the best solution for you may not be the best solution for someone else.

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