A good idea is useless without the right people to manage it. For a Magento project, you need more than just a group of people who can code. It’s always better to opt for professional service providers with domain knowledge that will ensure successful implementation of ideas in the design and development process.

Use the following criteria to create your own shortlist of companies that you feel are the best fit based on your needs.

1) Reputation. There are a lot of business review sites out there like Foursquare, Clutch.co, Trustpilot, etc. that put together lists of the top companies in different categories. But if the company offers references, we recommend you contact them for more information. That way, you can get a more objective view of the company and ask any pertinent questions.

2) Portfolio. A company without a portfolio is a bad sign. Look for a professional portfolio with information about what they have accomplished and, most importantly, how it was done.

3) Communication and transparency. Work communication is a two-way process, like a dialogue. To understand whether the development company has good communication standards and transparency, contact them. A prompt response loaded with accurate information is a good sign.

4) Pricing model and rates.Don’t be surprised if you don’t see rates on the company’s website. All projects are different and require deep analysis and a roadmap of when to add resources. For example, depending on your project scale, budget, and especially your deadline, you might need more developers to jump in.

5) Certified Magento developers. In case you didn’t know, Magento offers training courses and certifications. If you’re deciding whether to shortlist a company, this can be the make-or-break step. A company without certified developers likely isn’t serious about a partnership with Magento.

6) Magento partners. Magento Solution Partners are trusted development agencies and consulting companies that are focused on helping merchants create the best ecommerce websites using Magento.To apply as a Solution Partner (depending on the tier), you need to have a certain number of Magento Certified developers and Magento 2 developers who have completed Magento training on staff.

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