Are you conscious on the food that you eat? Do you prefer healthy and nutritious food or just eat any food that is placed in front of you? The food you eat often will reflect on your physical self which means you can get either fat or fit depending on the food you eat. Researches indicate that the United States got the highest rate of overweight or obese citizens composing 30.6% of their population. Mexico follows with 24.2% and United Kingdom with 23% of the population are overweight.

Today, a lot of people around the world are getting health conscious. They often check the calorie content of what they’re eating or totally avoid foods that are high in cholesterol. Surely many of us are slowly avoid oily and fried dishes which we are used to preparing. We love to eat fried fish, pork or other kind of meat but after you’ll learn that a tablespoon of oil already contains 120 calories then you might think a couple of times before frying your meat. Most oils are considered unhealthy but then there are oils that are healthy and can provide us with health

The soybean oil is the cooking oil recommended by health experts to be used in cooking. You can easily find this kind of oil in the market and are sometimes referred to as vegetable oil. This kind of oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids which is one reason why it is preferred by many. Moreover, it is also the top choice for high temperature cooking wherein the smoke point is at 405 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another healthy cooking oil is the sunflower oil. It is known to have high percentage of omega 6 fatty acid although it doesn’t contain Vitamin E like the vegetable oil.
Peanut oil is also known for its advantages like the presence of omega 3 fatty acids but is not recommended for those who are allergic to peanuts or prone to allergies. Be sure to check with your doctor first before using this kind of oil.

Canola oil is considered the second top choice because of its health benefits like presence of large percentage of omega 3 fatty acids. Some describe it as the all-purpose oil for any kind of dishes you may want to make.

Olive oil is called the healthiest cooking oil anyone could find and also has the smallest smoking point among other cooking oil in 374 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not recommended though for cooking dishes on high temperature. This oil does not come cheap but still worth buying after assessing the health benefits it can provide you. You can often find this kind of oil in the first-class restaurants and wealthy homes.

The coconut oil is the most popular kind of oil today that you can easily buy in the market. It has numerous health benefits but FDA gave caution on possible risk the coconut oil might give due to the presence of trans fat.

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