In numerous occasions we find ourselves in rather queer situations where we are at the epicenter of stinking odor. Ranging from our travel experiences, hiking, camping and even schooling activities, sometimes we need to carry along items that produce a stench and when this diffuses to the environment around us, a shameful cloud descends on us. The perfect solution to this unfamiliar experience is the acquisition of a smell proof backpack that keeps our embarrassment to ourselves and prevents the odors from creating a disturbance to a large number of individuals. However, these backpacks can be also traumatizing when they don’t cover our stenches completely and therefore to get the convenient one, a number of factors have to be considered.


The quality of your backpack choice is paramount as it is related to the ability of the backpack to withhold and retain the whiff within our jurisdictions. For stronger and durable backpacks, the best quality offers the optimum experience in retaining smelly items that we may need to carry. A research is therefore required prior to making the final decision on which backpack to take home.


As a matter of fact, cool backpacks ranging from travel bags, handbags and laptop bags are expensive. A variation is cost is coupled also to the quality of the bag that one requires. For smell proof backpacks, the idea is still the same as the cheaper backpacks are of a relatively lower quality and easily damaged. The recommended model backpacks therefore range from $150 to $200. The higher the cost, the better the backpack.


Another major factor to consider is the material being transported. For larger and bulky materials then a larger and more spacious backpack should be considered. For smaller packages then a smaller backpack may be the ideal option.

For the transport of the highly contagious stanching materials, the highest level of smell proof backpack will then be highly required to maintain the integrity of the package within the bag. The lower-level stanching materials thus calls for the moderate quality backpacks.

With the diverse tastes and preferences, age differences and also specific requirement fulfilment of an individual, the design and outward look of the backpack really matters. The youthful chaps usually consider the trendy and classy backpack styles that tend to match their outfits and also blends in with the one their peers have. The elderly generation are also known to go with great standard and a model manufacturer that they were used to for a longer period of time.

The feminine inclination is also very different from the men’s choice as the ladies prefer brighter colors with much flowery decorations and also for designs which closely resemble their handbags. Men on the other hand go for dull colors with little or no decoration at all with designs that perfectly fit their backs. Furthermore, the men also are quality sensitive than the ladies.

Special features

Thebest smell proof backpacks are always fitted with exceptional additional features that improve the quality of the backpack. Ranging from waterproof capabilities, additional side pocketing, stronger fabrics and special locking capabilities, these backpacks become special in an amazing way.

The extreme waterproof ability enables the contents to be tamperproof with any form of liquid. The integrity is thus refined making the backpack a special package to use even in harsh weather conditions.


side pockets in a smell proof backpacks creates partitions that enables the backpack to hold both safe and stench materials. The pockets may also be fitted with special containers for stench fluids.

The password and lock instalments allows the security of the backpack making the contents inaccessible by persons who are not party to the package.

Generally, the quality of the backpack remains the strongest feature while choosing a good smell proof backpack. It is thereby recommended to never compromise on quality as it gives the ultimate requirement that is ideal for transport of smelly materials.

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