Astrology has many branches that delve into the various aspects of an individual’s life be it birth, education, marriage, career and even death. Our personal relationship with others is one of the most important aspects that we can comprehend with the help of love astrology. Our birth charts are prepared on the basis of our time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Other factors are calculated on the basis of this information and astrology helps to prepare a snap shot of the heavens at the time when we were born. The position of stars and planets is recreated on a chart to represent the exact scenario when we took birth. The celestial bodies are then analyzed using the art of love astrology to determine our relationship with our partners.

Marriages are fixed in some countries on the basis of this comparison of individual charts to see if the temperaments, nature and character match according to the charts. A horoscope that matches has a better chance for the success of that marriage and thus is given much importance in a marriage alliance. People who are simply interested in the study of astrology and zodiac signs as a hobby also get attracted to love astrology. It gives them a basic guideline about the characteristics and traits of people belonging to the various zodiac signs. Once a person knows certain traits of his or her partner it gets easier to understand and react to certain behavior patterns and this is where love astrology scores in popularity over other branches.

Love astrology guidelines also make for light reading and entertainment. Compatibility analysis on the basis of the love signs and their traits are a time pass for many evenings while at the same time it gives an insight into the kind of person that we are interacting with. If a serious study of love astrology is conducted it may also help us in avoiding many common mistakes that we make while selecting our partners unknowingly. It may also help us avoid unpleasant situations by making us forewarned about character traits that are diametrically opposite to ours and may cause clash in the future. Hence a judicious study of love astrology may indeed help us to lead a better life by knowing and understanding our partners better.

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