“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith

The other day I was at a meeting and there were two women. Both were in the midst of incredible health challenges. Anna and Grace both had cancer and both had been struggling with their illnesses for years. Both had been given poor prognosis, and yet, both were still alive beyond those dates.

Even though their experiences were very similar, they met their challenges with totally different mindsets. Anna had a ‘woe is me’ attitude, and Grace was grateful to be alive.

Grace looked at each day as a gift and spent her days enjoying her family and encouraging others who were in the same boat. Her purpose was clear. Bless people every day that she is alive and demonstrate grace and encouragement to others that are under difficult circumstances.

This was Anna’s third round of cancer and she was angry. She had closed herself off of her family and friends and refused to be comforted by them.

Both women were faced with difficult realities. Both were sick and tired most of the time. But, one made a choice that actually helped not only others, but herself.

Is there an attitude or a thought that is holding you back from your purpose or dream? Is there a choice that you can be making that would bless rather than bring others or yourself down?

There is so much that we have no control over in life. But, we always have control over our own attitudes and mindsets. At the end of the meeting, Grace came up to Anna and put her arm around her and said. “I used to feel like you do right now, and then I realized that I have enough around me to be grateful for, that I would be much better off focusing on that stuff. We all only have a limited number of days on this planet. I choose to live them with gratitude.”
I was inspired by Grace. I want to be more like her. How about you?

Author's Bio: 

Patty Sadallah has 29 years experience as an organization development consultant and executive coach. She is a Dream Partner Catalyst and coaches and consults nonprofits and women owned small business owners around issues of focus and planning, moving them toward her dreams. Find out more about her coaching and consulting at http://www.PattySadallah.com/sq.

She is also the President/Founder of the Redwood Sisterhood, an international women's support community that offers personal and professional development learning opportunities, community bartering through time banking and fun networking events. Here, she brings together the talents and the needs of women and allows these connections to strengthen and uplift the membership. Learn more at (http://www.RedwoodSisterhood.com)

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