If there is one fear that we can all understand – even if we do not experience it ourselves – it is the fear of the dentist. After all, there are very few of us who are completely comfortable around the dentist even if we are not afraid of them: the weird lights, the metal implements, and the fact that you have to have someone else’s hand in your mouth all combine to make a pretty unpleasant experience. Many people are absolutely terrified of the dentist, making it very difficult for them to go every year for their annual check up. In fact, it is very common for those who are afraid of the dentist to simply avoid going to the dentist altogether.

Sadly this usually is a catch 22 situation. Because they do not go to the dentist for a small problem that would only take five or ten minutes to fix in a San Diego dental clinic, they avoid the dentist and the dental problem gets bigger and bigger. When they eventually build up the courage to go and see a dentist – or the pain gets so severe that they really have no other option – the treatment time is very long, sometimes over an hour. This feeds into their fear of the dentist even more, and so they take even longer to go and see a dentist the next time that they have a dental problem. It just gets worse and worse.

This could sound exactly like you. It is not a nice situation to be in and it can be very upsetting for the people involved. You need to break the cycle, and choose health over fear, otherwise one day you are going to end up in the horrible situation of being told by a dentist that there is nothing that they can do for one of your teeth, and it is just going to have to come out. Once you lose an adult tooth there is nothing that a dentist can do except replace it with a false one, and if this keeps happening over and over again, eventually you will need a long procedure to receive dentures. There is no coming back from that; once your teeth are gone, they are gone.

Breaking the cycle of fear when it comes to dentists can be very difficult, but the first step is to find a San Diego dental clinic that specialises in overcoming these sorts of anxieties. You are not alone, and the fear that you feel is not that uncommon. Plenty of people have received help from their dentist in understanding exactly why a San Diego dental clinic frightens them, and from this point of understanding and knowledge, a dentist can start to work with you to help you overcome your fear. There are many great San Diego dentists out there that would love to help you – they do not want to see you once every five years, in pain and in terror! They want to be able to give you the emotional tools to process this fear, and to start making positive choices towards better dental health.

Choosing health over fear is a lesson that you can apply throughout every part of your life, not just your teeth and dentistry. If you are able to do it in this area of your life, there is no stopping you in others because you will have learned to put aside the things that worry you, and take steps towards what you know is the best thing for you. Why not find a San Diego dental clinic that can help you today?

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