These days too many toys are made to be thrown away after just a few uses. Materials such as plastics are commonly available but they are difficult to repair and can wear quickly. The great thing about quality childrens wooden toys is that they are strong and durable.

This means if you buy hand selected childrens wooden toys as gifts you can be sure that they will last and provide many years of enjoyment.

Durable Toys

Quality childrens wooden toys offer a longevity that you rarely see from modern plastic toys. Although plastic is a strong material it can also be quite brittle and may not stand up to robust play. The main problem with modern plastic toys is that in most cases they cannot be easily fixed. This combined with the fact they are often quite cheap means that typically they are just thrown away when worn or broken. This is very wasteful not only in terms of money but also for the environment.

• Solid wood is a wonderful material to use for toys as it is robust and durable. Good quality wooden toys will stand up to all kinds of boisterous play and last for many years.

• Quality hand selected childrens wooden toys are beautiful items that have an intrinsic value. This means that people are much more likely to consider repairing them than just throwing them away if they do get damage.

• Wooden toys are also much easier to repair than plastic toys. In many cases you will be able to repair minor damage yourself.

• Wooden toys can also be stripped back and repainted or re-varnished if they do get worn. They often last for many generations and are handed down through families.

Imaginative Play

Quality childrens wooden toys have also been shown to provide many educational benefits. There are many great wooden toys available that can enhance imaginative play. Not only do these toys keep children entertained for hours but they can also help to enhance and develop learning.

Some childrens wooden toys are ideal for role play. Children learn a great deal by copying others around them and re-enacting things they have seen. Toys that can provide role play opportunities are ideal for assisting with learning such as:

• Toy Cooker Sets – pretending to prepare and cook food is great safe creative fun for children. Beautiful wooden cooker toys come complete with accessories and play food.

• Fire Station Sets – children are fascinated by fire engines and fire station sets are a wonderful way for them to enjoy creative role play.

• Construction Sets – construction is another interesting area for children and they will love to play with toy tools and equipment. Model dumper trucks, cranes and other machinery will provide hours of fun.

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Quality hand selected childrens wooden toys can provide hours of fun. These beautiful toys are robust and durable and provide some wonderful learning opportunities for children of all ages.