Choose Courses after 12th Commerce to Gain Competitive Advantage

Commerce stream has numerous options and opportunities for those students who have higher goals and who want to have a successful career. Students who are pursuing a course under this stream see the outer world logically. Career in this field is fully packed with challenges and practical knowledge. Many students choose this field to become successful in business. Currently, commerce is becoming more and more famous among students.

Presently, there is high level of competition going on in the whole world. Students are becoming more and more competitive in their field, even having more than 90% marks in the 12th commerce can’t guarantee successful career to a student.  You won’t believe but this year students of 10th and 12th class of CBSE board are getting 499 marks out of 5oo in their final exams. So, you can estimate the level of competition among the students. And this level of competition is increasing with every passing year.

As you already know, getting higher percentage in 12th commerce is not enough for achieving the dream of successful career. You can sit quietly after scoring high marks in the 12th class. It will not be enough for surviving in the field which has high level of competition.

You have to gain the competitive advantage over the other people of the same field. You have to increase your worth, gain skills and knowledge of the respective field. To attract the great job opportunities and big companies you have to become an expert of your field.

To gain the competitive advantage over others and thrive in the field you have to study and work hard. The best way of gaining the competitive advantage is by enrolling yourself in the professional courses after b com. There are various professional course offered by the institutes, universities and professional body all across India. These professional courses are designed especially for providing specific skill set and knowledge to the students.

Having competitive advantage not only increases your worth but also opens the gate to various other opportunities. It gives you advantage to reach on the top position of the respective field.

Here are some courses after 12th commerce which provide skills and knowledge to the students –

Bachelor of commerce – it the most common degree among the students, after passing 12th commerce student pursue this degree. Having graduation degree in commerce prove beneficial if you ever thing of pursuing higher studies in future.

Bachelor of business administration – it is a 3 years course help in understanding basic concepts of business. You get to experience the business environment.

Bachelor of management studies – it is management program. Course duration is three years and in this period students learn various managerial and leadership skills.

Charted accountancy – this is one of the best professional course and students prefer to pursue it despite its difficulty level. CA course requires high amount of hard work and efforts to clear the exam.

Company secretary – it is a professional course like CA but its more theoretical compared to CA. it is also tops the list of common courses among students.


There are so many other courses including diploma, certification and degree programs that you can join and get the right knowledge about the field. There are so many good institutes that offer you an opportunity to get knowledge about the advance accounts management and finance courses. You should seek the professional guidance when it comes to choose the right and job oriented courses.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding professional and job oriented courses.

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Akash Chauhan is a Content Marketing Specialist at TIPA, Top Computer Training Institutes For Accounting in Delhi that offers courses after 12th commerce and one year course. Akash also writes about accounting for the TIPA.