Counselling works by making the unconscious psychological matter conscious. Once the mind - the brain - has made the connection between what's been happening unconsciously then, by definition, the matter is conscious. As soon as this matter is 'conscious' the mind and body can synchronize and start to 'fix' the problem.

Much the same thing is said to happen physically with certain dis-eases - matters - or bodily functions - which no longer happen with 'ease'. The theory is the same - influenced by the body's propensity to use symbols. Connect the psychological issue (making symbolic sense to the mind) to do with the physical problem - in my case high cholesterol - and the brain can start to correct any 'faulty programming' and regularize the problem.

Look closely at these possibilities and be thoroughly curious about them - after all, what can you possibly have to lose?

If cholesterol problems have to do with 'sticking to your role' then you may well have one of the following issues? With a counsellor, thoroughly 'debrief' and spend quite a while feeling - 'wallowing' in - the issue.

The issues to look for are:

'on my own'
'count on me'
I have to do everything myself - others are incapable or refuse to help
A conflict to do with being forced into a pivotal role to unify your family
Total responsibility for rebuilding unification in your family
I play my role, everyone else shirks their responsibilities
Dissolution of the family - no-one sticks together any longer
These issues result in inability to 'do it' any longer


My own cholesterol levels were high and I was warned by my doctor to change my eating habits otherwise I would be a candidate for medication.
Instead of changing my diet I called my friend Martin Guay and asked him if his approach, based on HealingRevealed, had a solution for cholesterol problems.
"Of course" he told me. It is said that someone with cholesterol problems has an issue connected to the subject of 'sticking to the role'. I was skeptical to say the least...

I spent an hour or two looking at my own feelings around these issues - these were indeed prominent issues for me...

Throughout this time I ate quite 'normally' - which included lots of cheese and 2 eggs just about every day - usually in the form of an omelette. After a month I returned to my doctor with new blood test results... My blood showed that I no longer had high cholesterol.

My doctor congratulated me on my dietary changes... I didn't tell him that in fact I had made none.

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HealingRevealed is all about the mind-body connection and how anyone can use this powerful knowledge.