Angels evolve into greater and greater levels of consciousness, service and responsibility. When angels graduate to the rank of archangels, they receive the gift of free will.

There are nine choirs of angels in heaven, and each choir occupies a specific level in spiritual hierarchy. In the Kabbalah each choir corresponds to a “sephirot” or “emanation” of God's consciousness within the Tree of Life. As we descend the Tree of Life from spirit to matter, we are also descending through the angelic hierarchy.

The Seraphim are the highest choir of angels and are associated with the color white, that holds the vibration of the purity of God. They are great healers and embody the light, love and fire of God. In the Kabbalah, the Seraphim are associated with the highest Sephirot, Keter. The Seraphim were the angels who placed the coal on Isaiah's tongue and initiated him in the delivery of the word. They are said to form continuous rings around the throne of God in the Great central sun while continuously singing the praise, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty.” The Old Testament speaks of them as having six wings; two covering the face, two covering the feet, and two used for flying.

The Cherubim are the next choir of angels, and are associated with the color pink leading into ruby, that carries the vibration of the most intense love of God. In the Kabbalah, the Cherubim are associated with the Sephirot, Hokmah. The Cherubim are said to stand next to the throne of God. They are the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant and the guardians of the East Gate of the Garden of Eden, where they stand with flaming swords to guard the way of the Tree of Life. They are also known as the record keepers of Heaven and are described as having four wings.

The third choir of angels are the Thrones The Thrones are angels of justice who carry out God's decisions. In the Kabbalah, the Thrones are associated with the Sephirot, Binah. Known as “wheels” and “many-eyed ones,” they are said to deploy like charioteers around the throne of God, moving on wheels of blue-green color. They were described by Ezekiel as having four wings and four faces—that of the man, the lion, the calf and the flying eagle, and sparkled like the color of burnished brass. The noise of their wings was “like the noise of great waters” and above their heads was the likeness of the firmament.

The fourth choir of angels are the Dominions or Dominations, who, according to Jewish traditions, determine the fate of nations. In the Kabbalah, the Dominions are associated with the Sephirot, Hesed. They have been described as wearing long gowns that reach to their feet, hitched with a golden belt and adorned with a green sole. They carry a golden staff in the right hand and the seal of God in the left. At other times, they are said to hold an orb or a scepter.

The fifth choir of angels are the Powers. These were credited as being the first order of angels created by God. In the Kabbalah, the Powers are associated with the Sephirot, Gevurah. We find in the New Testament that “the soul is subject to the Powers,” whose duty is protecting the world from the infiltration of demons and avenging evil in the world. The Powers have also been said to guide the soul to Heaven after the death of the body.

The sixth choir of angels are the Virtues. They are described as brilliant and shining ones, and are usually represented in a group. In the Kabbalah, the Virtues are associated with the Sephirot, Tiferet, symbol of the Christ. The Virtues are known to be angels of miracles, encouragement, and blessings, bestowing grace and valor and helping people who struggle with their faith. It has been said that the two angels present for the ascension of Jesus came from this choir.

The seventh choir of angels are the Principalities, who are considered to be the guardians of religions, nations and world leaders. In the Kabbalah, the Principalities are associated with the Sephirot, Netzah. Some say that the angel who help the shepherd boy David slay Goliath was from this order. Principalities have been described as being dressed in soldier's uniforms with golden girdles.

The eighth choir of angels are the Archangels, the angels in command of ministering to humans. They bring God's messages and command the armies of heaven against the evil doings of the fallen angels. In the Kabbalah, the Archangels are associated with the Sephirot, Hod. Archangel Michael is the leader of the seven archangels who serve on the seven rays of God—Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel—as well as Archangel Uzziel, who serves in the eighth ray of integration, and five more archangels for whom we have no names.

The ninth choir of angels are the Angels or Angelic Hosts, who are closest to humanity and minister to us in every aspect of life. These include our guardian angels. In the Kabbalah, the Angels are associated with the Sephirot, Yesod.

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