Incredible chocolate smoothie yummy sugar free fat free treat recipe.Chocolate is many peoples favorite food, and it is also a key ingredient in many great recipes, but it may at first seem difficult to see how you can have a Sugar Free Chocolate Smoothie Recipe that will taste good.

The good news though is that it is perfectly possible, it simply takes a little forward planning when it comes to the ingredients that you use, and also access to a large supermarket that will allow you to buy what you need.

Here is a great recipe that also includes one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations, chocolate and bananas, plus the joys of ice cream to make it all go down nice and smoothly.

In order to make this you will need access to a supermarket that has a good range of sugar substitutes, because taken individually many of these ingredients could be quite high in fat and sugar if you don’t choose carefully.

Chocolate Smoothie,Sugar Free,Fat Free,Recipe,Treat:

1 bar of low sugar milk chocolate

1 bar of low sugar white chocolate

2 scoops of low sugar vanilla ice cream300ml of coconut milk

3 large strawberry’s (preferably frozen)

2 large bananas (preferably frozen)

With the bars of chocolate you may have to shop around to find chocolate that is low in sugar, but rest assured that it is available. There are all kinds of products that are available that are low in sugar not only because people are perennially on diets, but also because there are lots of men and women who suffer from diabetes whose bodies cannot deal with sugar properly, but who nevertheless would like to eat food that tastes sweet.

If you have trouble finding the low sugar varieties of chocolate then another alternative is to instead use a dark chocolate that has a very high cocoa content. This type of chocolate is automatically lower in sugar then virtually any other type of chocolate.

The one downside of this though is that dark chocolate is quite bitter without the sugar content, and so one variation to this recipe if you do choose to go down this route is that you should also add in two tablespoons of a sugar free substitute into the main ingredients of the Sugar Free Chocolate Smoothie in order for it to taste good.

Similarly you should also be sure to get a low sugar vanilla ice cream.

This has now become much simpler than in the past, because there are all kinds of varieties of low fat, low sugar ice cream available, and so if you would prefer to use another flavor then feel free to experiment until you end up with a taste that you like.

You need to melt all of the chocolate together, and chop up the bananas and the strawberry (with the storks removed) together.

Then pour the melted chocolate together with all of the other ingredients into a large blender and then blend until you have the consistency of Sugar Free Chocolate Smoothie that you love.

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