San Antonio, TX January, 2010 Dr. Reynolds believes that the internet is not only the present but the future of marketing for most enterprises. Dr. Reynolds believes that with the increasing use of technology the yellow page phone book will become obsolete. He goes on to say that many people currently use their smart phones to search out firms like his chiropractic office in San Antonio, TX. He states that not only can people search your business from their smart phone, but they can call you directly and even get a map to your office. Visit Chiropractor San Antonio.

Dr. Reynolds not only has a website but also uses social media like facebook, articles and internet videos. Dr. Reynolds believes that your business not only needs to have a presence online but it would be best to be considered the online authority in your business.

Dr. Reynolds not only believes that is a must for a business to have a good website but it is also necessary to have some type of search engine optimization so you will rank higher in the searches.

If you would like to see Dr. Reynolds' website or learn more about his chiropractic office in San Antonio, Texas, then go to for more information.

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Reynolds

10221 Desert Sands, Ste. 206

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Reynolds, a chiropractor in San Antonio, Texas chooses the internet as one of his main sources of marketing

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