I am a chiropractor and I practice in Bellevue, WA at Bellevue Center for Health, (mybcfh.com). I have decided to write a short explanation of the chiropractic health philosophy. Chiropractic Doctors have great success with helping people stay or become healthy.
Chiropractic revolves around a Vitalistic, holistic, and natural approach to Life and Health. This Vitalistic, holistic, and natural approach uses the Body’s natural ability to self-heal and self regulate itself. This philosophy means that the Body already has everything it needs to grow, heal, and prosper in any environment. The Body is meant to be HEALTHY not SICK. Chiropractic focuses on maintaining actual health and bringing people back to health by treating causes not symptoms. We see the Body’s great power in everyday life from keeping the heart beating, digesting food, growing hair (or not ;-), healing cuts, and the many other intelligent functions we don’t even know about. The Body’s ability to do all this without our conscious assistance implies an amazing inborn intelligence.
Chiropractic assists this intelligence by clearing any interference from the Spine and Nervous System so the Body can do its job perfectly (the way it is suppose to). Chiropractic also focuses on being healthy and staying healthy by eating with real nutrition and exercising at your proper level. In Chiropractic, we relieve Nerve interference and Structural interference. Nerve interference is a very large component in Dis-ease, and Structural interference is the main factor in degeneration such as arthritis. The Brain, which is your main “computer” that controls every one of your 70-100 TRILLION cells that make up all your organs, muscles, and tissues. From the Brain comes the Spinal Cord, which is the Brain’s main “highway”, and the Spinal Cord directs all information from the Brain to the many Nerves that come out of the Spinal Cord to the rest of the 70-100 TRILLION cells in your Body.
If there is interference in the spinal segments or ”joints” (called a Subluxation) then the Nerves aren’t conducting the Brain’s messages to the rest of the Body completely. This is why chiropractic care is a lifelong preventative and maintenance practice; like exercise. Lets say that a Nerve going to your Heart has 50% interference; this is like getting a phone call and you can only hear the other person talking 50% of the time (you may have experienced this). Just as you aren’t able to get the full message from the other person on the phone, the Heart isn’t able to get all the information from the Brain so it can do its job fully and perfectly.
Getting your Spine and Nervous system checked and kept in proper function are essential to having great health and living well. Learn more at mybcfh.com

Author: Dr. Matt Mullaney

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I am a chiropractor in Bellevue, WA and I practice at Bellevue Center for Health
We center on people being as well as possible, and this includes regular check-ups to make sure our patients are subluxation free and their nervous systems are working as well as possible. Check us out at Mybcfh.com

Yours in health,
Dr. Matt Mullaney