At work, there are certain tasks that you do every day that can cause repetitive stress injuries. People who type all day are prone to RSI. At first, there will be no symptoms felt with these tasks until the joints and muscles lose their normal range of motion. RSI can greatly affect your life because any pain and discomfort will lessen your productivity at work. Such injuries are becoming more and more common today which is why people seek treatment for their RSIs.

Chiropractic treatments are very effective in reducing the pain from repetitive stress injuries. These treatments allow the spine to be re-aligned once again. The misalignment is what is causing the weakness of joints and muscles and restricting the movement of the body. If the spine if properly aligned, the person will be in a better state of health.

There are different types of repetitive stress injuries. The first is the wrist and hand RSIs. This is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. This the most popular RSI because the hands are the ones always used to doing routine tasks. This injury is caused by the pressure on the palm of the hand and overusing the wrist due to heavy gripping. A forearm and wrist RSI is intersection syndrome which occurs in the lower arms when activities such as constant canoeing or shoveling are done. Chiropractic treatment will help strengthen the tissues in the hand and wrist by applying tissue manipulation and gentle massage. This will help the nerve to healthily function again.

For the elbows, there is what we call the cubital tunnel syndrome and radial tunnel syndrome. The nerve roots at the end of the elbow are the ones affected. The nerve roots are no longer functioning properly. The person who suffers from this RSI will feel excessive pain and tenderness in the elbow even if he is not moving it. The pain gets worse if the person bends the elbows or tries to lift something. Chiropractic treatment will focus on improving blood circulation in the elbow area to promote faster healing. Strengthening and manipulating the tissues is done so that the range of motion will be restored.

The shoulder and neck also experiences repetitive stress injuries. Thoracic outlet syndrome is the name of the repetitive stress injury in these areas. It usually results from activities at the workplace where there is constant but restricted movement of the neck and shoulders. Wearing tight seatbelts for a long period of time can also cause this. Symptoms of the thoracic outlet syndrome include pain and numbness from the shoulders to the arms. Chiropractic treatment aims to increase blood circulation on the upper part of the body through massage techniques. This will reduce any circulation blockage that is restricting the healing process.

RSIs can really be frustrating, annoying and painful to have. It will affect your daily life and life at work. If you are suffering from any of these injuries, you should call a chiropractor and schedule a consultation immediately. The earlier that you get your injury treated, the faster you will be healthier again.

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