Ligament sprains are generally caused due to excessive physical stress, which is reason enough for the ligament to overstretch and tear apart. Because of this, substantial inflammation occurs in the ligament, and the joint at times becomes unstable.

The most commonly affected knee ligaments are medial collateral ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament.

Generally, a typical injury in the ligament is associated with a considerable amount of swelling directly over the affected ligament and at times, with a certain extent of bruising, depending upon the severity and extent of the injury.

Various types of Ligament Injuries

To understand how chiropractic treatment by professionals in Brisbane helps in treating ligament injury, it’s important to know the different types of ligament injuries.

1st degree (mild) sprain: Is caused by tearing and overstretching of fibers (less than 10 per cent). This causes no joint instability but mild pain, hardly any swelling and bruising. However, some trigger points are generated in the musculature. A brief remedial massage can come in handy to overcome this problem.

2nd Degree (moderate) sprain: Separation and tearing of the fibers (from 11 to 50 per cent), resulting in moderate instability and moderate to severe and persisting pain, inflammation and stiffness. A fair amount of chiropractic treatment is needed in this case.

3rd Degree (Severe) sprain: 51 to 100 per cent laceration of the ligament, resulting in gross instability, excruciating pain and severe inflammation. It will need intense chiropractic treatment for a lengthy period. However, this remedial massage in Brisbane will follow only after a surgery is conducted in the area.

The Causes

Ligament sprains when it is subjected to excessive force, which is exerted on the knee. It can be a sudden phenomenon, as well as a sustained pressure for an extended period, causing constant deterioration of the ligament until it raptures.

Chiro treatment for ligament sprain

Remember, remedial massage in Brisbane by a professional chiropractor can treat the 1st and 2nd-degree sprains. However, when it comes to treating the 3rd degree, one has to undergo surgery. Chiropractic treatment will help in fast recovery during the postoperative phase after the surgery.

Chiropractic treatment’s primary objective is to help the patients after the surgery and speedy rehabilitation to help the patient to regain optimal functionality, strength and fitness.

The chiro treatment aims to minimise the formation of scar tissue and build strength and reflexes that will protect the joint from further injury.

An injured ligament rarely regains its normal strength, though an effective chiro treatment in Brisbane coupled with effective rehabilitation program will drastically reduce the risk of long-term problems.

How long does it take to heal up a sprained ligament?

Although it takes about a week or two for a grade 1 sprain to heal up, grade 2 sprain generally takes 3 to 6 weeks to heal up with the help of regular chiropractic treatment by professionals in Brisbane. However, when it comes to taking care of the grade 3 sprains, chiro treatment is applied in proper rehab after the surgery and the time taken will depend upon the severity of the situation.  

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