At work, there are activities that you have to do which can restrict your natural range of movements. Such tasks can lead to repetitive stress injuries, which will cause pain and numbing. Limited movements mean that the range of motion is restricted. Sometimes, such activities cannot be prevented and occasionally employees will experience this. However, there is a way to alleviate the pain and discomfort and prevent it from happening again.

Chiropractic treatments work in preventing limited movements in the body. Chiropractic care aims to enable the body’s self-healing ability. By making sure that the spine is aligned, the body can heal itself and in turn, will promote proper blood circulation in the different parts of the body. The healing process will be quicker and restricted joints and muscles will restore its natural range of motion.

One of the most common cases in limited movements is called frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder happens when the shoulder cannot be moved and is in pain. There is a loss of arm movement and at the same time, there are inflamed tissues in the shoulder area. These tissues will thicken and shorten. The tissues will stick together and this condition is called adhesive capsulitis.

A number of reasons including minor trauma, heart attack, neck problems, prolonged immobilization or dislocation, can cause frozen shoulder. Sometimes, pain is not present and will only trigger if you try to move the neck or shoulders. This is called the freezing stage. During the recovery, the opposite happens. You will feel pain but the movement is no longer as limited as before. If you feel pain, this means that motion is gradually being restored. The duration of the recovery will depend on the severity of the frozen shoulder.

Chiropractors will be able to help in preventing limited movements by performing some ice therapy to lessen the inflammation on the shoulder or neck. If the inflammation is reduced, massage therapies can be done. Chiropractors will have to perform spinal adjustments. Since the spine is connected to the neck, proper alignment of the spine will be very helpful in the recovery of the neck and shoulders.

The goal of a chiropractor is to help the person get back to his active lifestyle through natural treatments. Chiropractors will not recommend any painkillers to alleviate the pain. Only natural methods will be used. The chiropractic treatments in essence do not treat the condition but more often, it helps in preventing limited movements from happening. However, if the person is already suffering from a frozen shoulder, he can still be treated.

The chiropractor will not only perform treatment methods but will help the patient have a lifestyle change as well. Weakening of joints and muscles may be due to poor diet or lack of exercise. A great thing about chiropractic care is that it focuses on a holistic approach of treatment.

If you are suffering from a frozen shoulder, prolonging this condition will make it worse. It can lead to more serious physical disability, which is something you would want to avoid at all cost. Seek the help of a reputable chiropractor in preventing limited movements and get it treated immediately.

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