Chiropractic treatment is used by millions of people worldwide to deal with neck pain. Chiropractors are basically doctors who specialize in treating neck or any other problem area in human body with a gentle, non-surgical approach. They are trained to diagnose the root cause of neck pain Sacramento in a patient and suggest specific treatment depending upon these conditions. In addition of being specialist in spine manipulation, Sacramento chiropractors have also developed several other treatment methodologies that help them in addressing a wide range of conditions for neck pain.

A chiropractor has a very different and unique method of examining the patient’s body. Even if you approach a Sacramento chiropractor due to the problem of back pain, he/she will evaluate your spine as a whole. In addition, he/she will also examine you neck, low back and mid back. This is done in order to confirm if other parts of your spine are also affected along with your neck. The chiropractor will check your overall posture and spinal alignment. He will also check your past medical reports, X-rays or MRIs if any, to know the exact cause of your neck pain.

Once the chiropractor diagnoses the reason behind your neck pain Sacramento, he prepares a treatment plan that may use one or more therapies out of spinal manipulation, manual techniques and therapy instruments.

In specific spinal manipulation method Sacramento chiropractor identifies the joints with restricted motion and use thrusting technique to restore the normal motion of the spine. This gentle thrusting can stretch soft tissues and stimulate the nervous system to return normal motion. Flexion distraction technique is a gentle and non-thrusting type of manipulation. It is used for treatment of bulging or herniated discs. However, in case of such problems the chiropractor will first determine the surgical option of the injury. The chiropractor will refer you to a surgeon in case he feels that the treatment is better done by surgery.

There are different types of manual techniques in that can help in treating Sacramento neck pain. In trigger point therapy the chiropractor identifies the specific point of muscle pain or hypertonic. Then he uses his finger to put direct pressure at these points for reliving pain. Manual joint stretching, therapeutic massage and instrument assisted soft tissue therapy are some other important techniques used for manual techniques of treating neck pain.

A chiropractor can treat your neck pain and help you return to your normal routine quickly without any medication or surgery.

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