A short leg syndrome, or limb leg discrepancy, is characterized with one leg shorter than the other leg, which is commonly seen in children than adult. It is categorized into two types: structural and functional. Structural type is described having a shorter leg primarily due to hip disorder or anatomical hip abnormality, decrease knee joint space, or a history of fracture or injury. On the other hand, the functional type does not contain an unequal leg length. This second type has the same leg length, but one leg appears shorter than the other one. This is believed to be under biochemical cause.

A syndrome is a collection of symptoms. These symptoms include short leg, pain on the hips and knees discomforts, nerve swelling on the lumbar area and sciatic nerve, pain on the ankles and foot, and poor balance when in standing position or while running or walking. If this condition is left untreated, then complications may occur like weakness or paralysis of the lower extremities.

Chiropractic care is considered as one of the most effective alternative healthcare system in handling and treating short leg syndrome. People are seeking other methods of treatment aside from taking pain reliever medications and surgery. It is known that most pain killer drugs have side effects that may be harmful to the human body. Chiropractic is known to treat different nerve, muscle, bone and joint problems and disorders.

Spinal manipulation is the most customary method of treatment that chiropractors use. It is done by delivering several gentle thrusts on the spinal column. Its main objective is to bring the spine back to its standard anatomical position and structure. Chiropractors believe that nerve compression is the primary cause of physical discomfort and pain. Therefore, to alleviate pain, the nerves must be decompressed.

In treating short leg syndrome using chiropractic care, chiropractors perform different kinds of treatments without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive procedures. Prior to any procedure or treatment to be given to the patient, a diagnosis is needed. Diagnosis can be obtained from medical history, physical assessment, and laboratory tests. Once a diagnosis has been verified, the chiropractor designs the most appropriate chiropractic therapy program for the patient.

Chiropractors also teach their patients about home exercise and home care treatments. These are very important for the patient to follow to obtain the best result. Chiropractors emphasize to their patients the advantages of maintaining a good posture, exercise, maintaining normal body weight, and proper lifting techniques. These health teachings are essential to prevent the recurrence of the disorder and pain. Compliance of the patient is one of the most important things to consider. This is primarily because no matter if the best therapy program is provided to the patient, without the cooperation of the patient, then success is unachievable.

Short leg syndrome is manageable through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care aims to restore physical functioning without difficulties and preserve human health as much as possible. Chiropractors believe that the body can heal on its own if all body parts are functioning properly. Therefore, any deformity or misalignment must be treated as soon as possible. Remember, prevention is still the best treatment and cure. Click Here for more

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