Anyone who has suffered from sciatica pain is aware of how debilitating this can be. The fact that modern medicine has no cure for it adds to the frustration of the patient immensely for this condition can curb one’s mobility drastically.

In this light, news on research regarding chiropractic and sciaticasound very encouraging. Recent studies show that with chiropractic manipulation about 90 percent patients had recovered fully and were able to resume their normal life within about 3 weeks.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is the term used for the pain felt along the sciatic nerve. The pain is sharp and totally debilitating. It starts from mid lower back, moves through the buttocks and buries itself in the lower leg. The sciatic nerve - which is responsible for sensation to the soles of the feet, legs and thighs - is the widest and longest nerve in the body. What is the connection between chiropractic and sciatica ? Can chiropractic manipulation cure sciatica completely? If studies are to be believed, the answer is affirmative. Sciatica can cured; and the cure is in the hands of a chiropractic doctor.

The pain of sciatica is most common in persons aged between 30 and 50 years. The main reason for this condition can often be traced to day-to-day wear and tear rather than any type of injury. Based on this fact, research studies looked into and found a new cure – chiropractic intervention.

Chiropractic And Sciatica - What Does The Treatment Involve?

Since the pain is horrible and there are very few real cures to this condition, the idea of chiropractic manipulation is welcomed with great hope. The treatment – though quite simple in principle – can offer stunning results. The chiropractic treatment involves three key steps:

1. Manipulation of anylumbopelvic fixation
2. Guidance and advice for special exercises that would serve to improve your posture while walking, sitting and even sleeping
3. Guidance on how to maintain your posture correctly throughout the day so your back does not take the brunt of any type of effort is also taught here.

Chiropractic And Sciatica -Is This The Best Alternative To Surgery?

There are many research studies carried out by ivy-league scientists using state-of-the-art facilities that prove every day that manipulation of the spinal cord through chiropractic ways can indeed cure this pain altogether. Time you tried it, too!

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