Chipmunks are small, squirrel like creatures, found in Asia and North America. Sometimes they are also called red squirrels or striped squirrels, and they store food for winters in their burrows. They feed on birds' eggs, birds' seeds, nuts, berries, fungi, worms, insects and small mice in the garden.

The chipmunks in West America mate only once in winters, whereas the Eastern and the North Eastern chipmunks mate in spring and summer, and multiply in numbers, thus causing nuisance to flower beds and gardens, giving house owners and gardeners nightmares with continuous damage to the plants. While burrowing, they can dig beneath walls or foundations, thus loosening them and threatening them to fall.

One of the easiest chipmunk home remedies is to use a mousetrap and put raisins, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds to attract the chipmunks. A little peanut butter can be smeared inside the trap to lock in the chipmunks when they enter the trap, which can then be let open into the woods or a faraway place.

Some people even try making a thick floating bed of sunflower seeds in a bucket and keep it in their gardens to entice the chipmunks. A board is kept besides the bucket for chipmunks to jump in, but they get trapped because they can never come out. Eventually, they drown in the water if it is too deep, or just manage to pop out their heads and try desperately to breathe if it is shallow. The water is then drained far away.

Unused pieces of furniture or lumber should not be kept in the garden, as these provide hiding places to the chipmunks.

Thistle seeds, which the chipmunks do not like, can replace the bird feeding seeds in the garden, and thus the creatures will not go into the garden.

Strange, but true, fox urine and coyote urine are said to be chipmunk repellants. These products are readily available in the market.

The easiest of all chipmunk home remedies would be to take care while feeding the pets. They should not be fed in the garden, or their leftover food should be removed immediately as this is likely to attract chipmunks.

Chipmunks are very afraid of cats. So some cat litter can be sprayed near the bulbs of flowers to scare the chipmunks away from eating the bulbs.

One of the most inexpensive chipmunk home remedies would be to boil cayenne pepper in water and let the water cool overnight. This can then be sprayed on the plants to keep the chipmunks away, as they cannot stand the odor.

Black pepper, chili powder and cayenne pepper can be mixed in ordinary water and filled in a watering can. This can be poured near the soil of the plants, where if the chipmunks come to feed on any seeds, they will suffer from severe itching all over their body, before they end up with a fire in their belly.

Another good idea is to lay small human hair clippings near the burrows of the chipmunks to trap them.

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