CHIOKE DMACHI is one of the most promising pop music artists to arise out of the music scene recently. His heart-felt lyrics and message of cause and movement are embodied in his inspirational sound on "BOYZ DON'T CRY."

Chioke Dmachi released his debut single, BoyZ Don't Cry in hopes to increase awareness of the Bullycide epidemic plaguing the youth in our society today and the song has a message of self help. BoyZ Don't Cry was well received by music fans, bloggers, and the press including Music Connection Magazine. Packing a punch from beginning to end, the video proves CHIOKE's vocal ability as well as his strength in writing and true musicianship.

Chioke Dmachi was recognized for his dedication to philanthropy when named co-spokesperson for the non-profit organization "Kids with a Cause." The organization's mission is to alleviate adversity among children experiencing poverty, homelessness, illness, etc. His tenure with "Kids with a Cause" spans a half a decade, attesting to his deep-seated values of giving back to society. When not engaged in his many pursuits or lifting spirits with "Kids with a Cause,"

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