ThePhotoApp offers an online Chinese passport photos service by mail, and the next business day is also available, so you don’t have to visit us at the store. Email us or upload your photo and we will send your passport photo to you and deliver it to your home. All you have to do is take the right photo, email it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

ThePhotoApp Chinese passport photos service is very simple. Take a photo from your smartphone or digital camera against any monochrome wall in your home. The applicant should be approximately 50 cm (20 inches) from the back wall. Ideally, the applicant is faced with a light source whose face is as even as possible.

ThePhotoApp’s friendly team responds quickly and reviews your photos for free. We will send your passport photo to you quickly, even the next business day if you need it. Digital passport photos will be emailed to you the same day.

At ThePhotoApp, we know that our customers live busy lives and may not be able to waste time going to any store to take their passport photos. The postal service’s ThePhotoApp online passport photo solves this problem while ensuring that it looks best in your passport photo.

ThePhotoApp has more than a year of experience in creating passport photos for any country in the world and specializes in Chinese passport and visa photos. Check out our website at and see how we have the capability to process all your passport photos in the world.

ThePhotoApp has years of experience printing Chinese passport photos and can ensure that your photo complies with the guidelines set by the Chinese Embassy.

It should be noted that Chinese visas and passport photos are unique and different compared to many other countries. Official specifications followed by ThePhotoApp of the Chinese Embassy.

You may not wear a hat or hide your face in any way to accept the visa image. Today, China applies new standards to biometric photographs and has strict requirements for the photographs used. We can make sure your photo fits your Chinese passport or visa.

We at ThePhotoApp can take your Chinese digital passport photo and the Chinese digital passport photo has dimensions of 390 × 567 pixels. ThePhotoApp team ensures that the specifications are met as required by the Chinese authority. ThePhotoApp can meet any digital specification in any country, and digital photos will be emailed the same day.

China is one of those countries whose passports are now fully biometric, so the passport photo you produce must meet biometric requirements. At ThePhotoApp, we always make sure that our printed and digital passport photos for China meet the stringent requirements set by the Chinese authorities. Visit today - visit our online store or send us your digital photo for delivery.

ThePhotoApp has helped many Chinese students and other foreign students studying in the UK get photos approved for Chinese visas. Take a photo on your mobile phone and send it to us for processing, verification, and printing. Receive approved Chinese photos the next day. Money-back guarantee.

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