Many foreigners are very interested in Chinese culture and Chinese language. However, due to different reasons, they can not be able to enjoy the traveling to China to experience the Chinese traditional culture. Even though there are many Community Fair in San Francisco, they can not be able to enjoy themselves to heart's contents. However, if you pay more attention to some useful information through newspapers or online websites, you an find out plenty of ways to learn more about Chinese culture as well as the rich Chinese history.

It is well known that China is a great country which has a increasing developing trend at present, and it does not only contain rich history but also contains many traditional festivals. Chinese New Year is the most famous traditional festival in China, it plays an important role on the people's life there, and it will show a tremendous distinguished meeting for every Chinese people. If you can come to China, you also will be a member of this distinguished meeting.

As the developing of the world, more and more individuals are interested in learning a foreign language such as English, Korean, Spanish, and so on. As technology advances rapidly, people can choose diverse methods to learn a foreign language. Online learning has become the most popular way of language learning, although it can not provide you with a studying environment, it can attract you through its colorful platform. For instance, you can download some good language software to have a self-learning even you can do this task at home. Rosetta Stone is the hottest software at present which is suitable for different learning groups. One of the most advanced advantages of this software is that it can provide you with different versions according to your own demand. For instance, you can study Italian through Rosetta Stone Italian version. The second advantage of this software is that it can provide you with a colorful interface with picture-word association system, you can learn the new words seeing the related pictures, form the pictures we will know more about the real Chinese culture.

There are also many little language learners who are always some small children who are taught new foreign languages when they are young. Not like the adults, children often need more colorful channels to learn something new. For instance, if you have a child and you are teaching them some Chinese language, at this time, you can show them Chinese new Year Festival through online channel, so they will learn more about Chinese culture, and they are willing to learn Chinese language. Basically, Rosetta Stone Chinese can also play the same role on children' language learning.

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