Are you looking for a new house to move in?

If you are, then a little knowledge of Chinese Astrology can help you to find a house that has affinity with you.

It is all in the timing. For that, I do not mean buying a house at a bargain price when the market is down, even though it is a good advice, but the right time according to your luck pillar. What do I mean by luck pillar? In Chinese Astrology, a person is born with a birth chart known as Four Pillars of Destiny (or Ba Zi) and the accompanying luck pillars. These luck pillars come in 10 years’ cycles over a person’s life time. If you are going through a lucky cycle, you can expect some aspects of your life such as wealth, career or relationship to turn for the better. Within the 10 years’ cycle, some years may be better and some may not but on average, you can expect a smoother journey. It can be that your career will take off and you get promoted during one of the years in a particular good 10 years’ cycle. The same is true when it comes to buying a house.

By analyzing your Ba Zi birth chart, you should buy a house when you are going through a favorable luck pillar. This is to ensure that your new house has affinity with you. To find the right year within the 10 years’ luck pillar, you need to check whether the year is favorable for such an investment. By favorable, it means you have the luck to spot opportunity and capitalize on them. For example, if your luck pillar reveals that you have the opportunity to amass property or assets, then the chances of acquiring a good house is high. If this is also supported by a year that has your favorable element, then you can even discover a house with good Feng Shui that can bring you prosperity. And your Ba Zi birth chart can also tell you to look for a locality where your new house can be further supported by the elements that favors you. For example, if your favorable element is Earth based on your Ba Zi birth chart, your new house should be located in an area with a mountain that has a flat top. This type of mountain or hill aids wealth and prosperity. If no mountain is within the vicinity, you can turn your sight at areas which are related to earth industry such as real estate, building & construction, property development, insurance, security, healing, care giving, health, etc.

If you are going through an unfavorable luck pillar, you may find a house that you like but it is not likely to be a good house. There is a high chance that your new house will bring a multitude of problems such as poor sewerage, internal leaks, structural defects, etc. Or you may not be able to stay in the house for long as there is no affinity with it. This may manifests in you losing the house through foreclosure by the banks due to heavy indebtedness or forced sale, etc. Your new house may also be afflicted with bad Feng Shui! This can be in the form of the house’s natal chart that contains more negative sectors than positive ones.

Therefore, be sure to check out your Ba Zi birth chart and luck pillars the next time you are searching for a new house. Affinity dictates that the house chooses the buyer!

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